Foggy car window? The magic trick to avoid this problem in winter

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Where does the fog on car windows come from?

Fog in the windshield of the car

Fog in the windshield of the car – Source: spm

The windows are drizzled with fog mainly due to the air temperature and air humidity. On a cold day, any amount of moisture in the air inside the car quickly turns into condensation on the windows. Conversely, when it is hot, the moist air outside the car reaches the level of the windshield after being cooled by the air conditioning system.

how to deal? Here are some solutions

When it’s cold outside and you turn on the heater inside your car, the windows start to mist. This is very annoying because you no longer have a road overview.
Here are some tips to avoid this problem:

  • environmental ventilation

If you are short on time and don’t have specialized products on hand, there is a technique you can adopt quickly. First, turn the heater on its highest setting, where very warm air can hold more moisture. Next, turn on the air conditioner, which will draw moisture from the air as it passes through the cooling systems. Finally, turn off the recirculation button to allow cooler, drier air into the vehicle. If possible, also consider keeping the windows open for a few minutes.

  • Apply anti-fog spray

It will always be useful to keep some in the glove box. Vaporizers are meticulously designed to get rid of excess moisture inside the vehicle. The method is very simple: all you have to do is spray the car windshield inside and out. This spray immediately treats the infestation of fog: your windows will quickly become transparent and transparent. As a bonus, these vaporizers are economical and accessible everywhere.

  • Use bags with silica granules

Silica gel in granules

Silica gel in granules – Source: spm

Silica bead bags are also an inexpensive and effective way to reduce the amount of moisture in a vehicle’s interior. It is also used regularly to protect all kinds of fresh and dry produce. So you can safely use it as a car dehumidifier. How to proceed? Put a few grains of silica in a sock or tights and install the thing near the windows or windshield, so that you will effectively combat the phenomenon of condensation. As soon as you notice that the sock is completely wet with moisture, consider replacing it.
NB: It is also recommended to place a moisture absorbent on the carpets of your car. Especially on rainy days, when it gets wet and the water turns to steam and then floods the windows.

  • Choose shaving cream

Finally, this last trick is a little unusual. You know that shaving foam is an amazing way to prevent fogging of your car windows. The application technique is very easy: just take a handful of shaving foam and spread it on your car windshield using a clean cloth. Leave the foam on the glass for about two minutes before wiping it off. This will form an invisible protective layer on top of the glass and prevent moisture from accumulating on the glass, improving visibility while driving. Amazing, isn’t it?

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