How many horses do you see in the picture? Check the test answer

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How many horses do you see in the picture?

How many horses do you see in the picture?  Check the test answer

Don’t get me wrong, optical illusions are deceptive by definition. So it is far from simple. Even if you feel the solution is obvious, you can still miss something. It’s a vicious cycle: because the more you bend over the image, trying to analyze every detail, the more uncertainty awaits you. This phenomenon is explained by the conflict between our visual perception and the way the brain interprets it. And this kind of trompe-l’oeil has a lot to bother and annoy us. By the way, as a rule, for the same image, each person can perceive it differently.

Take the example of this picture. This is the work of American artist Biff Doolittle. The latter is known for his art of camouflage. His paintings have always fascinated the audience and tickled the curiosity of art lovers. But if this work sparked a wave of controversy among Internet users, it is because the media used it as an optical illusion to stimulate brain cells.

So what do you think is the exact number of horses in the picture? Opinions are very mixed on this issue. Some count 5, others believe there are fewer, and some claim there are more.
Concentrate well, isolate yourself in a quiet corner and try to accurately determine the number of horses on the board.

Here is the solution to the visual challenge

optical illusion solution

Optical Illusion Solution – Source: spm

So, are you sure of the result? Did you manage to ignore the snow-capped mountains so as not to miss? In any case, according to the artist Biff Doolittle himself, there are only 5 horses in his painting. Did you come to this conclusion? If so, we congratulate you on your wonderful visual abilities. But, whatever your answer is, the most interesting thing about this exercise is that we can learn more about your personality.

Here’s a look at how your brain works:

  • If you see 1 to 3 horses: This means that you do not have a very flexible or flexible mind. You tend to be rigid and inflexible in your life. It is very likely that you are also ruled by stubbornness. You hardly change your mind even knowing you’re not right. It might be a good idea to ask yourself and expand your perceptions a bit more.
  • If you see 4 to 5 horses: You have a fairly open and flexible mind. You are certainly of a tolerant and tolerant nature, who listen to others. You never cloud your positions and you accept the opinions of those around you. But you also have continuity in your thoughts, you react creatively to the difficulties of everyday life by always seeking alternative solutions.

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