How do you make your guests understand that it’s time to leave? Professional advice

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The situation seems awkward to many people who do not know how to ask their guests to leave. Here are some tips for doing it in the most polite way.

Receiving guests at home

Receiving guests at home – Source: spm

What happens when guests come to see you and stay too long?

Here are some expert tips to let them know the meeting is over

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social networks in the world, where users share videos on various topics. You will not only find a makeup routine, tutorials and dance tips, but you will also find various tips, such as those related to the rules of good manners. An expert on good manners who runs her TikTok profile revealed, in one of her videos, how to “make it clear it’s time to leave” to guests who have stayed with us for a long time in a polite and polite manner.

Maria Gromit emphasizes that it is best to inform your guests of meeting times, for example: “Dinner is at my place on Friday from 6 pm to 10 pm.”

The second way is to summarize the meeting and thank the guests for coming and for the time they spent together.

The third tip is to separate the main course from the dessert. By serving or serving items such as drinks, coffee or dessert after dinner, you are making it clear to your guests that this is the last step in this meeting – the expert explains.

Several comments from Internet users appeared after the publication:

“Yawning works really well!”

“In my culture, we finish the meeting with fruit. Once the fruit is served, it’s time to finish everything and the guests leave!”

“A good friend recently complained about friends staying up until midnight every time they visited”

“I once lit a candle and told my friends that when I’m out of time my social time is up too, now that’s the rule we follow and that’s the perfect length of time”

“My aunt always wears pajamas”

Prepare the table for the guests

Table setting for guests – Source: spm

Some tips for welcoming your guests

  1. Don’t spend the whole evening in the kitchen.

You cannot have fun and entertain yourself with your guests if you are in the kitchen all the time. Choose cocktails, food, and desserts that can be prepared almost in advance. If you have some light cooking when guests arrive, encourage them to join you in the kitchen. Everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen while preparing dishes. It is equally important to clean the house before their arrival.

  1. Set your table the night before.

Set the table the night before, so you have less something to prepare. You have to do the same if you want to put flowers and decorate the table with them, you can take them the day before. To keep it fresh, put it in the fridge or in a cool place, it will be fresh for the next day.

  1. Take care of yourself.

A confused and stressed host results in an awkward and uncomfortable party. Pack your evening clothes and wear comfortable shoes throughout the day so you’ll be ready to get on your feet more often during the evening.

If you follow these few tips carefully, you’ll not only have a great time in the company of your guests, but they’ll also know it’s time for them to come back.

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