Here are the most common scams you can find on Airbnb

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Airbnb is not immune to scams and the platform’s success often attracts envy. Here are the tricks you can fall victim to that could ruin your vacation.

What are the most popular Airbnb scams?

As Airbnb has become increasingly popular among travelers around the world, the app is also a breeding ground for scammers. These scams can take many forms, from a last minute change of accommodation due to “pipe issues” to accommodations that do not match the pictures and description in the listing. Here are the scams you can face when making your next Airbnb reservation.

Airbnb app

Airbnb app. Source: spm

  • Advances, deposits, or money transfers outside of Airbnb

When you book a house or apartment, your host may ask you for a security deposit or out-of-app premiums for a variety of reasons. If you give up, you risk sending money to the alleged owner who doesn’t have a real home. Some may even ask you to pay them with bitcoin or something else. So be very wary of these scammers. Among its security tips, Airbnb warns users about payments made outside the platform.

Card payment

Card payment. Source: spm

  • Accommodation does not match Airbnb’s description

When you arrive at the scene of the accident, you discover that the accommodation booked is either dirty, unfurnished, located in a completely different area, or does not correspond to the pictures or description you saw in the advertisement.

  • Airbnb cancellation at the last minute

Don’t be surprised if when you arrive you find another group of people in the same accommodation, because if someone else books it for a higher price or for a longer duration, the host may cancel your reservation at the last minute, and in most cases they can offer you another inferior property.


peaking. Source: spm

  • False damage due to damage to an Airbnb listing

One of the hardest things for Airbnb to monitor – and one you really need to be wary of if you use the platform regularly – is “phantom damage”. En effet, tout se passe bien lors de votre séjour, mais quelques jours après votre départ, vous reevez une plainte de la part de Airbnb (ou du propriétaire) indiquant que vous devez devez dédommager pour l’égradé des caute dégésé cautés your stay. To make the most of the situation, the fraudster attaches photos of damaged furniture or appliances to his statement.

Airbnb apartment

Airbnb apartment. Source: spm

How to Avoid Airbnb Fraud?

To avoid Airbnb scams Therefore it is not recommended to pay or pay via other third party platforms. Plus the site doesn’t send an email asking for payment, if that’s the case, that means it’s a scam. In addition, the URL should be verified to ensure that it is not a scam. Just as it is advised to check the sender’s email address, which should end with, or

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