Do you know how to cook with the burners off? The smart trick to save money on your bills

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Thanks to a simple and effective trick, you will discover that it is possible to reduce energy consumption while cooking.

What is the trick that allows you to save energy in the kitchen?

cooking food

food cooking. Source: spm

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, but it also contains the most energy-consuming appliances. Therefore, to reduce your energy consumptionyou can choose This trick is simple and economical when you cook. In fact, cooking some foods in boiling water can take a long time and consume a lot of energy.

  • Turn off the stove before the end of cooking boiled food

Cooking in boiling water

Cooking in boiling water. Source: spm

For all the foods that can be cooked in water, rice or pasta for example, feel free to adopt this economical trick. When you cook these, you can turn off your plate Ten minutes before the end of cooking, she will stay hot For a few minutes and the heat released will be enough to finish cooking the food. This will allow you to reduce your energy consumption and make some significant savings.

Discover other tips to save energy in the kitchen

Many simple measures can be taken to save money when you are in the kitchen. You will be able to change your habits simply by using your devices in a different way.

  • Keep heat while cooking

To prevent heat loss, consider putting a lid on the pan when cooking your food. Thus, the heat will not be able to escape and the latter will cook more quickly.

  • Use the oven control light

When you use your oven, you The cooking of food can be controlled depending on the lighting of the latter. This will save you from opening the oven door every time you want to check that your food is cooked and any excessive energy consumption that may result.

  • Change the arrangement of appliances in your kitchen

To save energy, pay attention to the design of your equipment. for example, Cold appliances such as the refrigerator or freezer should be kept away from heat sources like heaters.

  • Choose electrical appliances that consume less

Induction or ceramic hobs are preferred over traditional electric hobs, as they consume much less electricity. On the other hand, It is recommended to use the oven only when preparing multiple breads or cakes.

By adopting these simple daily actions, you can make significant savings on your gas and electric bill. Feel free to change your cooking habits.

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