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The homemade trick to keep food moths out of the cupboard

If you do not know how to store flour and cereals, then the following lines will be of great help to you.

How to properly store flour and grains and avoid food moths?

You are constantly looking for new recipes. For good reason, you love to exercise your talents as a chef or pastry chef. For this, feel free to get your hands dirty. As such, and for the success of all your preparations, feel free to choose the highest quality ingredients, especially when it comes to flour and grains. But in some cases, this is not enough! In fact, By not keeping these products perfectly, they will end up unfit for consumption. To avoid any appearance or reproduction of insects, butterflies or even food moths in flour or cereal packages, here is what you need to do.

Flour and cereals. Source: spm

Choose airtight containers for storing flour and grains

Whether it’s grain or flour, feel free Remove from original packaging and place in airtight containers or jars, if possible in the glass. In this way, it will be better preserved and protected from the surrounding air that may cause it to deteriorate. To avoid any risks, you can also write the purchase date and expiration date of the product in question on each container.

Additionally, remember to keep your containers in a cool, dry place. Food moths prefer warm places. In fact, they generally lay eggs at a temperature of more than 20 degrees.

In addition to this advice, you can also follow these tips for better preservation of flour and grains.

Clean kitchen cabinets with white vinegar Aside from storing your flour in airtight jars and in cool, dry places, you should also consider Clean your kitchen cabinets to get rid of all moths and larvae and other insects.

You can use white vinegar for this. In fact, moths hate its smell. All you have to do is fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar, then spray the cabinets with this solution. If the flour or grain is still in its original packaging, be sure to put it back in the cabinet only after the cabinet has been thoroughly checked and completely dried.

Sprinkle a few bay leaves between the jars : To protect flour and cereals, the appearance of food moths should also be prevented with bay leaf. The latter works effectively against this type of insect without the need to resort to insecticides. So all you have to do is Put a few bay leaves in cupboards or inside containers. The strong smell it gives off will automatically scare away this type of pest.

Whatever grain you want to eat or keep: durum wheat, oats or spelt, bay leaf will be your best ally in preventing the emergence and spread of food mites.

By following these tips, you will be able to keep flour and all grains in your kitchen for a long time. Additionally, feel free to use the natural ingredients listed above to prevent food mites from contaminating your food.

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