Don’t throw away lemon seeds: Here’s how to use them to grow a lemon tree

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Who told you that you can’t use lemon seeds? Here’s how to get the most out of it.

What happens when you put lemon seeds in a glass of water?

You may not know it, but it’s all good in lemon. Indeed, it is not uncommon to use lemon zest in the kitchen, this small piece of citrus peel imparts a refreshing taste to a large number of culinary preparations. Located between the flavor and fruit slices, The zest can be grated to taste pastries and sweets. Scoops can be made to make all kinds of dishes, both savory and sweet. But what about lemon seeds? What is the benefit of using it? If you thought they were destined to end up in the trash, you were wrong!

Seeds from a slice of lemon

Seeds from a slice of lemon. Source: spm

  • Growing a lemon tree using lemon seeds

If you do not know this, know that it is possible to grow a lemon tree and get it using lemon seeds. so you can, Get a beautiful lemon without having to pay a penny ! To achieve this, you just need to follow the following method:

get yourself natural lemonCut it in half and collect the seeds of this citrus fruit. Feel free to get 4 or 5 back in order to put all chances of success on your side.

have a drink Fill it with lukewarm water and slip in the lemon seeds you collected earlier.

Prepare yourself A piece of absorbent paper that you moistened with water, you can use the water in the glass. Then put the lemon seeds in it, and cover them with another piece of tissue paper. Finally, put everything in a zip-top plastic bag and put it in a dark place.

after 10 days-You can open the bag. From then on, you will be able to see the seeds have sprouted.

Takes Some of the pots you will fill with compost in which you will plant the lemon seeds, sprinkle them with water. Also, don’t worry if the paper towel sticks to the seeds, it won’t affect their growth.

Lemon seeds in a jar

Lemon seeds in a jar. Source: spm

Remember to gradually place the pots in a sunny spot at home, keeping the soil constantly moist. After about twenty days and exposure to full light for at least 8 hours, you will notice the appearance of the first shoots.

If after two months you find that all of your seeds have risen at the same time, consider separating them by placing each in a container.

Once the young lemon tree has grown, you can move it to a larger one or even a garden. Also note that it is a good idea to sow the seeds in late winter or early spring.

Now you know how to use lemon seeds to produce and grow your own lemon tree!

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