Can you calculate the correct number of blocks on this optical illusion?

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Find out what’s behind this optical illusion test and the result of this optical illusion.

optical illusion

Optical Illusion – Source: spm

How many blocks are there in this picture?

When we observe this drawing, the two people are right according to the side where they position themselves to look at the blocks. Because if you stand on the left, you’ll see four blocks, and if you stand on the right you’ll see three. The truth is that it depends on our outlook and can be different. You are not the only one confused in this puzzle.

In the picture, one person sees three bars and the other sees four, these are really just perceptions created from their own point of view. Optical illusion.

In general, everything we observe is made up of our retina which sends a signal to the brain via the optic nerve. In the case of these images, the brain is trying to interpret the message our eyes send and give it a meaning that does not always correspond to reality.

Another optical illusion: Can you spot the woman hidden in this parrot picture?

optical illusion image

Optical Illusion Image – Source: spm

An image circulating on the web confuses Internet users. At first glance, it is a bird, but if you look closely, you will see a woman.

The photo shows a parrot with shiny feathers perched on a tree, which made many netizens suspect the existence of a female character.

The image is simple, so you have to focus on the details to determine where the woman is. Can you find it in less than five seconds? Believe me, it’s not difficult, and you can definitely rise to the challenge!

You should know that scientists use optical illusions to study the performance of certain parts of our brain while processing images. Not only do they provide insight into how the brain works, but they also serve to entertain us.

Going back to the picture now, did you find the solution? If you don’t find it, we will help you. The photo looks as if it was taken by a professional wildlife photographer, but it is not. Pay attention to the bird itself, you will find what you are looking for.

Yes, the bird is the same model. The name of this painting is Body Art (in Portuguese “body art”), this art style began in 1960, in the United States and Europe, the body was the main artistic expression. In other words, the painting was replaced by human bodies, making art a “living work”. This art was produced by professional artist Johannes Stotter, known for his pioneering work in body painting and body art.

Take a closer look at the image below, the answer is there!

Reply to optical illusion

Reply to optical illusion – Source: spm

There are other optical illusions in the internet field if you want to take on challenges!

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