Riddle: A second animal is hiding in this picture, can you find it?

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Can you identify the horse in this picture?

Usually, when looking at the picture, it is the frog that you see first. If you can’t see it, it may be time to go to the eye doctor to check your eyesight. On the other hand, for a horse, this is another matter. It is really necessary to have noticeable visual acuity to try to detect it. But, rest assured, it is normal to be confused as this is an optical illusion and appearances are never what they really are.

We leave you some time to observe the image more carefully and to unleash your imagination.

If you’re having a really hard time figuring it out, we’ll give you a little help with this guide: Look at the water lily the frog is standing on. Do you notice anything strange? Hopefully this makes it a little easier for you, we’re letting you focus again.

puzzle 02

Visual puzzle image – Source: spm

Here is the solution to the visual puzzle

So what is the ruling? If you finally succeed in perceiving a horse, we congratulate you for your alert mind and talent for observation.

You still can’t find it? So tilt your head to try to perceive it better. Always nothing? If you are still having difficulty, turn the brightness to maximum on your mobile phone or simply turn it on. You should usually have a better view and the horse will be easier to spot.

If you still can’t see that damn horse despite all these little tricks, worry no more. Check out the solution below.

puzzle answers

Visual puzzle solution – Source: spm

Rather this blocky visual puzzle, isn’t it? Go get your emotions back and don’t stop like that. To further exercise your brain and test your visual acuity, we are launching a new and equally exhilarating challenge. Be aware, however, that 75% of internet users have had problems with this visual puzzle.

We count on you to put the odds on your side and do better than most people!

Will you be able to find the error in this picture?

Here are some visual puzzles that will give you a little headache. In the photo, the decor is quite ordinary: you can comfortably see a child reading a book, and his cat sitting right next to him on the carpet. In the background, you see a library, a clock on the wall, and some plants that complement the whole. And in all that beautiful decor, a little bug crept in. Can you discover it?

Watch the image carefully. Admittedly, there are a lot of things to look at. But you only have 10 seconds to try to find the error. Don’t waste your time! Looking at the bigger picture, there must be an echo in you. It is therefore essential to be fast, reactive and alert!

visual challenge photo

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Here is the solution to the puzzle

So what did you think? If the error jumps to you quickly, we highly applaud your ability to observe and your wit. Did you give your tongue to the cat? If time is too short to solve the puzzle and you give up, that’s okay. Don’t worry, the majority of people have failed to find the error. We will reveal the solution for you right below and you can test your friends to see if they can beat this viral challenge in turn.

vision test solution

Visual test solution – Source: spm

Yes, the solution was in the clock on the wall: as you can see, the 8 and 3 o’clock are reversed, a small detail that many people have escaped.

If you emerge victorious from this exercise, we congratulate you for solving it efficiently in such a short time, and we highly encourage you to keep testing your cognitive abilities via this type of visual puzzle. And even if you’re stuck, tell yourself that by exercising your brain regularly and stimulating your visual abilities, you will eventually excel at this type of challenge.

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