Never put your Wi-Fi router in one of these five places: It slows down your Internet connection

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Wi-Fi connection may be slow. This is often the result of low productivity, bad router placement, or a wiring problem. It can also detect a computer virus or busy traffic lanes. Whatever the reasons, there are always ways to fix it. But first of all, you have to choose the best place to put your router.

So what are the places to avoid for a Wi-Fi router?

As a general rule, a Wi-Fi router should have a central location within the home. This allows a homogeneous distribution of the Internet. In order to reach all rooms, it is necessary to avoid installing it in certain areas that could hinder its operation or limit its performance. Here are some examples.

  • Install a Wi-Fi router in a remote location in the house

router on desk

router on desk. Source: spm

Some users tend to place the Wi-Fi router in remote areas of the house. By doing so, the signal may be to back off Obstacles and materials of all kinds. Likewise, it is strongly advised not to place the routers near very thick concrete walls or glass obstructions such as mirrors that block the signal.

  • Put the Wi-Fi router inside a metal cabinet

Many people prefer to hide the Wi-Fi router, and often take this option to keep it away from children, to place it near the Internet socket or not to spoil the interior decoration. Whatever the reasons, this device should not be placed in a metal locker or cabinet. This material inhibits the propagation of waves and prevents the device from broadcasting the network properly. Also, avoid placing it near any metal object that is a real obstacle to radio and signal waves.

  • Put the Wi-Fi router on the ground

wifi router

The router is on the ground. Source: spm

The signals from the router are often broadcast down. Instead of placing it on a low table or directly on the floor, It is better to raise it to improve network coverage. It can then be placed on a shelf or fixed to the wall at height by preferring a discreet but central corner of the house. By doing this, the device will be clear and will be able to work properly.

  • Place a Wi-Fi router near electrical appliances

It is also recommended that Place the Wi-Fi router in a location away from electronic devices such as microwaves, computers, baby monitors, or ovens. These signals can emit a strong signal that can be compared to a router’s signal, which can cause internet interference.

  • Place the Wi-Fi router near the water source

The router is placed next to the plants

The router is placed next to the plants. Source: spm

Water can also interfere with signal transmission by blocking or scattering it. Avoid placing your router near refrigerators, radiators, aquariums, or pipes. This also applies to water in pots of plants that are newly watered or often have wet soil.

As you understand, locating a Wi-Fi router is not an easy task. By avoiding the few places mentioned above, you will be able to benefit from high quality and high connection speed. Feel free to analyze your signal beforehand in order to take appropriate actions.

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