Here’s how to free up your phone’s memory without deleting anything

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Many smartphone users prefer to keep all the information accumulated over the years in the memory of their devices. So when the phone suggests to them that it is time to erase data, few of them make the decision to erase data in bulk. And you don’t know how to delete some unnecessary files. The tips below help solve this problem.

Young man holding his phone and looking worried

Young man holding his phone and looking worried – Source: spm

Tips to free up your phone memory without deleting your personal data

To easily free up your phone space and prevent the consequences of full memory on turning on the device, Here’s what you should do. The techniques are very simple:

Sort photos and videos to free up your smartphone’s memory

Woman taking a picture with her smartphone

A woman taking a picture with her smartphone – Source: spm

Photos, videos, downloads, these are all data that often take up most of the phone’s memory. Sometimes, even saturation. And for good reason, data They pile up every day until they are no longer there. However, among the duplicate screenshots, video shares, and downloaded files, many are useless. Many downloads are shown only once and you just need to delete them from your phone.

Also consider getting rid of all those duplicate images available and similarly for screenshots you have more than one copy of.

Clear up your phone’s memory by deleting messages regularly

All SMS messages you receive can also take up a large portion of your phone’s storage space. If you think that some of these messages are not important enough to keep, it is best to delete them. Think about all those text messages you’ve received from people you’re not used to exchanging, or even these advertising messages that are often too numerous and untimely.

If you can, or your phone’s low storage space requires deleting more data, also consider limiting exchanges between you and family and friends. Which you don’t think are important enough to keep.

Free up your phone memory by deleting unnecessary apps

It often happens that some phone users are happy to try all kinds of apps available in Play Store or App Store. However, they end up not using it.

It’s best to uninstall apps you don’t use because even though your device doesn’t seem to be running out of space, sometimes it’s these little bugs that make the difference. So please delete it And don’t wait for unused apps to pile up. A fortiori in these cases, it is a good idea to delete any unwanted or unused file.

Clear cached data and free up your phone’s memory


Applications – Source: spm

When you use an app, Information runs in the background It is called cache data. Although it does not take up much space in your phone memory, it is always a good idea to clear it along with the other file types mentioned above. So you will end up with a significantly lighter phone.

Your smartphone will now be much lighter in terms of its storage if you apply these tips. Use it and you can enjoy your phone more freely.

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