Coin on your car door? It’s a sign that you might be in danger

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How do thieves try to steal these things? Let’s take a closer look at this.

Be careful if you notice a coin in your car door handle!

Attempting to steal a car

Attempted car theft. Source: spm

You may find a coin of 0.05€, 0.50€ or 1€ in your car door handle. In fact, It is not uncommon for insert thief this is coin in handle Door Sentences. As soon as the victim opens the door, the coin will fall and this will attract his attention. With a reflex, the victim deposits his personal items, bag or phone, to begin the search for the object, which to him will look like a coin that has fallen from his wallet, pockets or bag.

Unfortunately, this is the time when the victim will fall into the trap of the thief, who is usually nearby, lurking in the shadows. The latter will seize the opportunity and take the chancera This moment of distraction and neglect for Openhe goes fast portcar ageHe fliess The things Being there, or even even the car And go quietly.

So be careful if you find a coin in your car door handle. Drop it on the ground and get in your car on your way. If, in spite of everything, you think you’ve already dropped a part that belongs to you, Check the surroundings for Make sure there are no suspicious people lurking. Then put the things you carry in your hand in your car, close the doors and start looking for the piece.

Another technique that thieves use to take over your car

Unfortunately, criminals use several methods to steal your car. Here is one of the most common.

Catch the mouse…or how to prevent your car from locking up!

This is one of the most common car theft techniques in France.

How is the trip going? The thief is standing near the target car and Key signal jamming when remote locking the vehicle. So the latter remains unlocked, allowing the thief near the board to plug in his computer, take control of the car and leave quietly on board. Regardless of the type of car, no one is safe from hitting a mouse.

How to protect your car from the collision of the mouse?

car stealing

car stealing. Source: spm

Admittedly, cars, especially connected ones, remain vulnerable to hacking. However, you must Takes some Precautionary measures if you wish Avoid becoming a victim mouse baiting.

Here are some of the safety features to protect your vehicle:

  • blood moneyAnti-theft steering wheel: Classic and fairly effective, the anti-theft bar protects the car from any attempted theft and must be placed between the steering wheel and the pedals.
  • GPS tracker: This in-car trunk will help you track and locate your vehicle in case of theft, especially thanks to the chip installed in the trunk.
  • TTattoo on the temple number on everyone car windows : In the event of theft, this technology will allow you to find and identify your vehicle.

Finally, you can always install an alarm system to prevent the thief from carrying out his operation.

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