Why is it necessary to remove the case while charging the phone?

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These devices are expensive and valuable, so care must be taken when handling them. Here are some tips to extend the life of your smartphone.

How to protect your phone permanently?

Smartphones are sensitive devices for certain uses, so we must be careful when handling them.

mobile phone case

Mobile phone case – Source: spm

1. Remove the protective cover from the phone while charging

Mobile phone charging contains many myths. In fact, experts recommend four things: 1. Start charging at 10%. 2. Allow charging to continue until it reaches 100%. 3. Do not allow the charge level to reach 0%. These three tips keep the battery cells from getting damaged too much.

Most importantly, the trick that you all should know is to remove the protective cover while the phone is charging, it may sound strange, but the case may damage the phone while charging.

If we keep the case on while the phone is charging, its temperature will rise significantly during charging, since the latter does not allow heat to dissipate.

2. Use a case to protect the mobile phone

Protect your smartphone with a shock-resistant cover, as soft or non-hard cases generally do not absorb shocks. It’s important to use protection designed specifically for your equipment, even if that means investing in the best.

3. Do not expose your smartphone to excessive heat

It is recommended not to expose the phone to high temperatures as this will shorten the life of the internal circuits and components.

Remove the SIM card from the phone

Remove the SIM card from the phone – Source: spm

4. Do not remove the SIM card or Micro SD card constantly

Try to remove the SIM and SD memory card as little as possible. In this way, you will avoid damaging contact parts that generally do not support severe wear.

5. Update your mobile operating system

Take advantage when the manufacturer has a new version of the operating system and update it. Thanks to this, the equipment will have better performance.

waterproof cell phone pouch

Waterproof mobile phone case – Source: spm

6. Do not expose the phone to humid environments

Do not wet your smartphone or expose it to humid environments. This way you will avoid an internal short circuit or irreparable damage. If your model is water-resistant, check the manufacturer’s specifications for the conditions it will withstand.

It is therefore essential to follow these few precautions to extend the life of your precious phone as much as possible.

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