Things your cat hates at home and keeps doing

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Are you sure you know everything about your cats? What does he like? What is bothering him? Which of your behaviors does he not support? If your cat can talk, she will tell you the many wrong things she does every day. If you think that your relationship with the furball is strained, it may be one of the reasons listed below.

Things your cat hates at home and keeps doing

If you thought your cat was indifferent to your behavior, well, think again, because there are some things you do a lot that he absolutely hates!

Things your cat hates about you that you keep doing subconsciously

Your cat is convinced that providing for her needs is a simple task. He doesn’t ask too much and he can’t figure out why you’re wrong so often. However, it is easy to make life interesting for him. Here are 6 things most cat lovers do at one time or another that might make them hate them.

nervous cat

Nervous cat. Source: spm

  • Cats don’t like sudden noises and loud sounds

Excitement and loud noises It can put a lot of pressure on your cat, no matter where they come from. Whether it’s an argument or the sound of a horn, cats hate it. However, if a cat is exposed to stressful events often, this can lead to Health and behavioral problemsEspecially: Aggression, depression, anxiety, nervousness or evenLack of appetite, excessive grooming and hair loss

  • Cats hate being watched

for a cat, direct eye contact It can be very threatening. He won’t look another cat straight in the eye unless he’s looking for a fight. When he’s relaxed, he might wink at you, which is his way of telling you that he loves you.

cat eyes

cat eyes; Source: spm

  • Cats can’t stand bad smells

Garlic, vinegar, onions, coffee… For us humans, these might be pleasant smells, unlike felines who have a very sensitive sense of smell. They may not like strong smells. Also, since cats are very clean animals, they do not use a dirty litter box. It is therefore necessary to clean them regularly and replace the litter often. Scented droppings are also a bad idea…

  • Cats hate to be disturbed while they sleep.

There is a very clear rule that says: Never wake up sleeping! You spend the whole day at work and miss your cat terribly, but when you come home you find him sleeping and you can’t resist the idea of ​​petting him? We understand you! However, you should know that cats hate unexpected awakenings, as they risk becoming angry, irritable, or even lazy.

  • Cats don’t like being petted all the time

Cuddling your cat and listening to her purr is good for you, but your cat does not like to be touched all the time. Know that he’s the one who sets his rules when it comes to cuddling. While napping or playing, he does not want to be disturbed in any way.

angry cat

Never angry. Source: spm

  • Cats hate car rides

Surely you have already noticed that felines often seek refuge under cars when they are afraid or feel threatened. But this does not mean that they like to ride cars, quite the contrary, for the most part it scares them. And for good reason, the combination of loud sounds, strange smells, and constant movements. In addition, they are also prone to motion sickness. So be sure to limit car trips with your cat. If you go on vacation, for example, call the cat house to watch your hair ball and you’ll leave with peace of mind.

  • Cats hate closed doors

Due to their territorial nature, cats believe that your home belongs to them. When you close a door, it’s no wonder he tries to open it, scratch it, or attack it in any way possible. He can interpret this action as a sign that threatens their absolute rule over your home.

Cat in front of a closed door

Cat in front of a closed door. Source: spm

By following these tips, everything will go smoothly with your cat; You will live in harmony with the roommate!

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