The genius trick to remove bad smells from the refrigerator and leave a good fragrance

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Some know this method which consists of recycling your tea bags. It’s a simple trick that works wonders and it’s worth taking a closer look at because it’s practical To solve the recurring kitchen problem.

5 . tea bags

Tea bags – Source: spm

Leaving the tea bags overnight in the fridge, a trivial but very practical gesture

Refraining from throwing used tea bags in the trash and leaving them in the fridge might sound like a pretty crazy idea, but it’s far from it. Leaving it all night inside the device contributes greatly to the removal of unpleasant odors emitted from it, with a certain effectiveness. And for good reason, it gives them all the time they need To eliminate the strongest odors.

Use tea bags

Used tea bags – Source: spm

The next day, when you open your refrigerator, you will be pleasantly surprised by the pleasant smell of freshness and cleanliness thanks to the tea bags. If your device emits unpleasant odors, there is no simpler technique than this to get rid of them.

fridge inside

Inside the refrigerator – Source: spm

What other things can be used in tea bags?

There are many reasons why you should not dispose of used tea bags. Here is one of the most notable:

Revitalize your plants with used tea bags

Tea contains tannins and other nutrients that can help stimulate the growth of many plants such as ferns, some hanging plants or even roses. so constitutes Large organic fertilizer For plants rich in oils and acid. To use tea bags for this purpose, bury them at root level to retain moisture. You can also choose tea leaves that you mix with the ground.

Use used tea bags to remove food debris from your utensils

You can clean kitchen utensils by soaking them In a basin filled with hot water The tea bags were used overnight. The technique is particularly effective when you have a large amount of dishes to wash.

For example, one or two cups of hot water and two or three tea bags may be enough Remove dirt from pots thanks to the stain removal power of tannins.

– Shine glass with used tea bags

Whether it’s fingerprints or stubborn grease stains printed on a mirror, window, or even glass, you can make the glass shine. Simply by rubbing a wet tea bag on the surface. You will then wipe with a paper towel to reveal the sheen of the glass surfaces.

– Use used tea bags to get brand new shoes

Simple wet tea bags can clean and polish your shoes that are full of dirt and grime. To do this, simply rub a tea bag on the skin in circular motions to promote stain removal. If you want the best result, use more than one luggage To use them one by one and get shoes free from the slightest dirt. Final wipe with a clean, soft microfiber cloth and you are done.

By using used tea bags, you can do miracles by recycling them to preserve certain things in your daily life. So, keep it if you feel like you might need it sometimes.

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