The function that you must activate in the boiler before leaving the house. You will save a lot of money

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If you want to save money on heating and reduce the amount of your energy bill, we will share with you this simple and effective tip.

What trick should you rely on your kettle when you are away?


boiler. Source: spm

If you are going to be traveling away for a few days, it is essential to follow this tip to save money. With lower temperatures، It is recommended that heating appliances be properly maintained so that they are effective The arrival of the imminent cold of winter. That is why, in your absence, it is essential that your equipment be Keep heating your home. Follow this tip to heat your home in your absence with a boiler while reducing gas consumption.

  • Set the boiler to frost protection mode while you are away

boiler tuning

Boiler tuning. Source: spm

If you are away from your home for more than two days, you can activate the anti-frost function of your boiler. put your Heating equipment in frost protection mode, allows you to heat your home but also to save energy. This simple gesture will allow you to reduce your average consumption throughout the year if, for example, you go on vacation. You can also lower the temperature of the radiators and turn the heat down when you are not at home. To do this, set the thermostat or thermal fuse to their minimum value. Above all, do not turn off the kettle completely when you are away. And for good reason, restarting the boiler takes a lot of energy.

How is the frost protection mode activated in the boiler?

Boiler preparation

Boiler preparation. Source: spm

Anti-frost mode allows your equipment to heat your home but runs in slow motion so it consumes less energy. Put your kettle in frost protection mode by activating the button, depending on the model of your appliance. If the latter isn’t recent enough, you You will have to adjust manually Boiler temperature before departure. modify The water heating temperature ranges between 8°C and 12°C.

Thus, the boiler will maintain the temperature of the water circulating through the heating tubes at a lower temperature. For example, with Frost protection mode, the water in your toilets is not heated. Then the power consumption is reduced. This protects your devices from cold and frost, A feature that allows you not to expose your device to extreme temperatures.

Remember to activate the frost protection mode on your boiler if your absence extends beyond 3 or 4 days. But it also depends on the quality of the insulation in your home. You can conduct a thermal equilibrium with a specialist if you have any doubts.

When you return, you can activate your boiler’s normal mode, and the ambient temperature inside your home will adjust normally.

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