How to apply the Japanese method of Osuji to clean the house well?

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Keeping your home clean is a more complicated task than it seems. In fact, it takes patience and time, especially when there are several rooms for cleaning and maintenance. To make this task more fun, here is a Japanese cleaning method, Which will be of great use to you.

woman arranging her shelf

Woman arranging her shelf – Source: spm

Usugi: The Japanese way to make cleaning your home easier

House cleaning doesn’t have to be a fixed chore, as this ancient cleaning method from the Land of the Rising Sun tends to show. its name ? And Suji. she fit me Clean the interior from top to bottom to make it as clean as possible while expelling negative waves. So the “Oosouji” method should allow you to de-clutter your outer world to lighten your inner world.

By implementing this method, know that you You will have to Clean the whole house and therefore it will take more than a day. So it’s more demanding than Marie Kondo’s method, but still more effective. To make it easier for you, it is recommended to seek the help of your family. So these are the steps to follow:

A woman and her children making a bed

A woman and her children making a bed – Source: spm

From top to bottom

Cleaning from top to bottom, it is only suggested to you You should start with the ceilings and attic first before moving to the walls and then to the floors.


Among the Japanese, it is always recommended to brush in a clockwise direction. Choose the room you want to start with, Then clean and store some in a ring shape. The process will end at the starting point, where it started.

Prepare several bags and boxes

Woman throwing empty bottles into a trash bag

Woman throwing empty bottles into a trash bag – Source: spm

Plan plenty of bags to store all the items you won’t need. If some of them don’t work for you, it would be better to throw them in trash bags. if you own Things that you don’t use that can be given for example, squares will be useful in this case.

clean gently

There is no need to exhaust yourself from frantic and vigorous rubbing. Cleaning should be done gently with a cotton cloth While maintaining a calm state of mind. This way, you will also take care of your belongings and avoid damaging them.

Clear the entrance to your house

When you start cleaning your house, it is recommended that you start at the back of the house and then continue until you finish at the entrance. this way you Prevent dust from spreading inside your home.

Therefore, the usuji method is more than a simple cleaning technique. It is a state of mind in and of itself that will allow you to feel calmer and lighter on a daily basis.

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