This is the reason why you should not kill a spider in your house

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However, this fear of spiders must be overcome without having to get rid of these little monsters. We explain why!

What are the reasons not to kill spiders that you find in your home?

spider on bed

spider on bed – source: spm

If you still want to get rid of spiders by killing them, Matt Burton, an entomologist and professor at North Carolina State University, explains why this practice should not be continued and offers an alternative.

There may be many insects in your house and even spiders may find their way there by accident. The specialist, in a study that he conducted in 50 houses where there are spiders of all kinds, noted that these organisms play an important role not only in nature, but also in the internal ecosystem of the house.

The expert explains that there are many types of spiders and they largely prefer to be outdoors where they breed. Therefore, those commonly found indoors are generally not at risk. Within the home, spiders can play an important role by serving as predators of many pests.

The entomologist adds that most spiders are predators and eat anything they catch, so they usually feed on bothersome parasites or other insects that can carry diseases. An example of this is some spiders that swallow mosquitoes in certain areas.

“So killing a spider not only kills it, but also means that you get rid of a major predator in your home. These spiders build webs in which to wait and capture their prey,” writes the expert in his article.

What is the other alternative not to kill spiders?

spider in the house

spider in the house – source: spm

Matt Bertone offers an alternative for people who can’t see spiders in the house. Instead of crushing them, it is better to catch them and release them out of the house.

“If you can’t stand spiders in your house or garage, instead of killing them, try to catch them and move them outside. They will find somewhere else to go. But if you can live with these creatures, having spiders in your house is fine. It’s even a normal state, The specialist explains.

How dangerous are spiders?

Spiders are animals that use poison to hunt their prey. However, the ones that are considered very dangerous are the black widow spider and the brown spider due to the high level of toxicity in their venom, so they can be harmful to humans.

Thus, the best is not to kill the spiders that you find in your home, but rather to catch and release them outside in their natural habitat.

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