The trick to heating the house for 10 cents a day and making big savings this winter!

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This trick will allow you to heat your house and will cost you only 10 euro cents per day. In addition, you will likely have all the equipment at home.

Warm up in the winter without consuming too much: are these tips enough?

floor rugs, thermal curtainsinsulating door bottoms, preventing moisture, insulating walls, sealing windows with silicone gaskets and insulating windows with filtersWe tried almost everything to warm everything up By reducing our energy consumption. But will that be enough to winter ? Unfortunately, some of us will still have to.Turn on the heating. However, there is still a question that most French people ask themselves: energy bills. These continue to rise during the coldest months of the year and with Energy consumption between 60 and 75% (According to ADEME), just to heat your home, things will only get worse. This is why we offer you a solution to A few cents of the euro Which will help you warm up better while doing it savings.

Heating and energy consumption

Heating and energy consumption. Source: spm

The unstoppable solution to heating your home at a lower cost

If you want to heat your home in the optimal way, it is possible to resort to a simple, effective and inexpensive method.

  • Warm up with terracotta pots and candles

If all methods of heating your home are not enough, there is alternative Which, in addition to making you save moneyI will give you Warmth and comfort that you need. In fact, it is DIY a heater by yourself. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make, and it will only cost you a few cents.

what do you need:

  • Clay flower pots (one small and one large).
  • 4-6 small candles.
  • Network
  • Non-flammable base for placing candles like an old cake pan
  • Bricks.
  • substrate

How to proceed:

level 1 : Before you start making a file Auxiliary heatingPlace the base on the stand.

The second step: Put candles on the base. Generally, people use the saucer that comes with the pot. If you do not have one, replace it with a similar non-combustible object.

Step 3: You’ll need something to raise the jar over the candles to create an air intake. You can use tiles stacked on top of each other, a rectangular baking tray or even bricks that you will lay on the sides.

The fourth step: Light your candles and place them over the grille, then the small flower vase upside down. Then cover everything with the large flower pot.

Fifth step: The candles will gradually heat the two terracotta pots, which in turn will spread the heat into the room.

Make a backup heater

Make a backup heater. Source: spm

The small pot allows the heat produced by the candles to be retained, and clay is a very effective material at this level. This stored heat is then released by the large pot. If you light the candles without the jar covering them, the heat generated will quickly spread to the rest of the room and you won’t feel anything at all.

Warmer in clay pot and candles

Warm in clay pot and candle. Source: spm

From now on, you have a bunch of tricks to warm you up in the winter with less energy consumption and big savings on your heating bills.

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