The secret function of a hair dryer. Makes your locks shiny and smooth, you’ll love it

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What is this mysterious function of a hair dryer?

Use the dryer

Using the dryer – Source: spm

Almost all of us have a hair dryer at home. It helps us quickly dry and style our hair, but you know that its regular use is bad for the health of your hair. In fact, excessive use of heat damages them, drying them out and changing their soft texture. However, it is possible to mitigate the negative impact thanks to this subtle option that few people benefit from.

To reduce the risk of damaging your hair, it is advisable to first rub it well before drying it. Next, we should focus on the secret function of the device: it is the flow of fresh air. Contrary to popular belief, this option is ideal for drying your roots. As a bonus, using it more often, you’ll find that this “cool air” button will moisturize your hair better, without damaging it.

Why choose cold air drying?

The advantage of this function is that it promotes the closure of excess cuticle, making your hair softer, shinier and easier to comb. In contrast to high temperature it tends to open them up, to make them drier and more branched. Admittedly, this flow of cool air will take longer to completely dry the head, but it avoids a lot of disturbing your hair. If you’re in a hurry, you can just use this cool mist to dry out damp roots and locks. After that, you can distribute the heat over the entire head for quick drying. In general, specialists strongly recommend using the cold air function to avoid attacking the skin, to increase the hydration of the scalp and not to dry the strands.

No matter what air temperature is used, there are a few golden rules to follow when drying your hair:

  • After you shower, dry your hair first with a towel.
  • Carefully detangle it with a brush before drying.
  • When handling the device, be careful not to direct the flow of hot air towards one area to avoid burning the scalp. Maintain a distance of at least 30 cm.
  • People with brittle hair should first apply an encapsulating conditioner or protective emulsion to the strands before drying them.
  • If your hair is very fine, a flow of cool air is best suited to protect it.

Good to know: Air drying isn’t as harmful as you think. The skin can swell and cause severe hair loss. When hair is wet, it is also more sensitive to the effects of pollution. As for moisture, it can increase the oiliness of the scalp and the appearance of dandruff.

How is static hair tamed?

Hair dryer in the bathroom

Hair dryer in the bathroom – Source: spm

In addition to the cool air drying option, many modern dryer models have another useful feature. It will allow you to take care of your hair and solve an annoying problem on a daily basis: the static effect.

Often, the flow of hot air emits positively charged electrical charges, which makes the hair static and difficult to comb. However, thanks to the ionization process, water droplets will disintegrate, and thanks to the emission of negative charges, drying will be faster, more respectable and more efficient. Therefore, if you switch to an ion hair dryer, you will benefit from this technology that involves the production of negatively charged ions. It can neutralize these positive charges that are created on contact with damp hair and hot air.

Thanks to this specific button, the total electric charge will be rebalanced and this will prevent the hair from becoming static. As a bonus, this type of dryer has been specifically developed to be more efficient than conventional devices, promoting quick drying without attacking the hair fibre. The result: your hair is softer and easier to comb, frizz is significantly reduced and its shine is guaranteed!

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