Many people remove this item from the car without knowing that they risk a fine of €7,500

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With the inflation that has occurred in fuel prices, all means are good to save money. In this case, many motorists no longer hesitate to make some modifications to their car in order to achieve this. And for good reason, there is a process that can reduce fuel consumption. Prohibited, this practice It can be punished with a heavy fine.

fined car driver

Car driver fined – Source: spm

You can be fined €7,500 by removing this part of your car

Recently, the majority of vehicles have been equipped with a device that reduces pollutant emissions : particulate filter (DPF). However, some motorists choose to remove it, because its clogging, encourages the car to over-fuel, not to mention, of course, the costs of repair in the event of a breakdown. however, Particulate filter removal remains an illegal process, a fine From 7500 EUR.

Mechanic working on a car

Mechanic working on a car – Source: spm

A particulate filter must be present on diesel vehicles, as opposed to gasoline vehicles. It filters pollutant particles emitted from engines by preventing them from escaping. This ends in It accumulates until it forms a layer of soot on the filter. Therefore, the particulate filter is supposed to remove it by entering what is called a “regeneration” cycle. This usually happens when driving at high speed. This causes the particulate filter to heat up, burning off any accumulated impurities. However, if you drive on fairly short roads, the DPF will not be able to reach this renewal stage. Because the engine will not run at full speed. Thus, this part is likely to get dirty which could eventually damage the car engine.

To avoid this, you can add DPF additive to your fuel tank or choose a Descaling by going to a car service specialist. If this proves to be insufficient, you will have to change the particulate filter, which can be a rather prohibitive cost.

So this is one of the reasons why drivers remove the particulate filter despite the fact that this interference is illegal in France. The law provides for this in accordance with Article L 318-3 of the Highway Code forbidden “Removal of the anti-pollution device” under penalty of a fine of 7,500 euros.

The importance of regular cleaning of your car’s particulate filter

It is therefore important to clean the DPF regularly because although it is used to reduce emissions, Impurities will not be eliminated If your car is not running at full throttle. This is also one of the causes of contamination of this device. Dirt that can lead to problems such as loss of engine power, black smoke from the exhaust pipe, regular engine shutdowns, and excessive fuel consumption. All of this, therefore, should require you to maintain a particulate filter on a regular basis.

As you can see, deleting the particulate filter is subject to a severe fine. A process that does not justify the risk.

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