Can you find the horse hidden in the picture in 15 seconds?

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Look at the image below and note the item the test will ask you to locate.

optical illusion

Look at the image below and find the hidden horse in 15 seconds. The horse is there but it is hard to find.

The test of this optical illusion is to detect a hiding horse within 15 seconds. Take a look at the image below and take the test. Many users who tried the test found it in 17 seconds on average, but the rule of the game is to find it in 15 seconds.

optical illusion

Optical Illusion – Source: spm

test result

In the photo, we notice a beautiful neighborhood in which there is a beautiful brick house with a tree covering the house. We can see that the house next door has a shop on the ground floor. It also looks like an antique shop with customers. Look at the cars parked outside the store.

Did you notice the horse in the picture? no ?

Try to find the horse.

This optical illusion is a kind of visual test or puzzle where you have a horse that is present but you cannot detect it. Let us help you find the horse with these clues.

The horse is in full view. You just need to locate it. Try to find the horse from the bottom to the top of the picture.

Another important clue. The horse is not in the outside area. It’s somewhere inside the house.

Now we hope you’ve found it!

The horse is white and looks out of the window, and the middle is on the second floor. Take a look at the image below to see exactly where the horse is.

Here is the solution:

optical illusion solution

Optical Illusion Solution – Source: spm

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