7 devices that are never connected to an electrical outlet: there is a risk of fire

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Now find out which devices should not be connected with an extension cord.

These devices should not be connected with an extension cord.

Connecting devices with an extension cord

Connect devices with an extension cord. Source: spm

Despite its usefulness, an extension cord can become dangerous if it is overloaded or misused. Actually, she It may cause damage to your equipment or cause a power outage or same be the cause of the fire.

So it is better Avoid overloading the extension cord by delivery Energy-hungry devices. On all extension cords or power strips as many people like to call them, you will find labels that specify the maximum power in watts (W) they can support. Before choosing any extension cord, make sure you know its maximum power. In addition, it is also advisable to be aware of the power of the devices that you will be connected to. if they go out Energy-intensive, avoid connecting it to your extension cord to avoid any of the above risks.

Below are the electrical appliances that should not be connected to your extension cord to avoid any danger

Fridge : It goes without saying that the refrigerator is one of the electrical appliances that consumes the most electrical energy (up to 500 kWh per year). Its maximum power can be reached quickly, avoid connecting it with an extension cord. Do the same with the freezer.

Additional heating: When winter is on its way, turning on the heater can be tempting. Remember to plug it into a wall socket instead of an extension cord. Thus, save youDrz Excess of the latter and the reason High temperatureon the same occasion.

the washing machine : Know that a washing machine consumes an average of 191 kWh per year in France! To avoid the risk of overheating, it is highly recommended to plug it into a wall socket and not a power socket. Do the same with the dryer.

microwave: According to TotalEnergies, a microwave with a power oscillating between 1,000 and 1,500 watts can consume an average of 90 kWh per year. By consuming a lot of power, it is better not to connect it with an extension cord.

coffee maker: Even if it is not visible, the coffee maker is quite greedy when it comes to electric power, its consumption is estimated at 165 kWh / year. Therefore, the connection to the wall outlet will be more desirable.

toaster: The toaster consumes a lot of energy, from 500 to 1,000 watts / year, when used regularly (10 minutes per week). Like a coffee maker, feel free to plug it into a wall outlet.

Another extension: If the idea of ​​attaching an extension cord to another extension comes to your mind, forget it! In fact, if necessary, the maximum authorized power will be exceeded, and the risks of fire or electrocution will be greatly high!

Other tips to consider when using an extension cord

Find out below some helpful tips to avoid any risks when using an extension cord.

  • Does the extension cord have an on/off button? Then remember to turn it off at night or during days when you are not home. However, make sure that the connected devices can do without electricity during this time. this way, you all Reduces the risk of cuts or fires during minimization your energy consumption.
  • Get rid of outdated extension cords. Your electrical appliances can quickly in to be victims. If the extension cord appears to you to be in poor condition or defective, replace it without further delay!

Now you will know how to make good use of the extension cord, and avoid all risks that may arise from overload or potential misuse.

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