4 Types of Bad Taste Clothes to Avoid: They do you more harm than anything else

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To keep up with the times, you can always follow the trends and get inspired when getting dressed every day, going to work or going out on the weekends. But beware of everything that happens in fashion that can clearly indicate a lack of taste.

What clothes should not be worn to avoid faux fashion?

clothes selection

Choose clothes. Source: spm

To avoid false fashion, you should avoid pairing certain clothes with other clothes. So stay trendy by avoiding jeans that will not improve your figure. Also, keep in mind that all Patterns and prints, do not mix well with each other. Clothes can really show your personality, if you know how to wear them well. They can also give you a certain presence and highlight your strengths or, conversely, show your flaws if you do not know how to wear them correctly. Here are the taste deficiencies that you should absolutely avoid!

  • Wearing heels without knowing how to walk in them

high heels

high heels Source: spm

This is the worst mistake you can make! Avoid wearing heels if you cannot walk in them. If you like high-heeled shoes, practice wearing them at home, and imagine an invisible line drawn on the floor that you must follow. On the other hand, againstStart with small heels so that you are comfortable before dealing with larger shoes. This way, you will avoid viewing a file lack of taste

  • Flesh colored socks

Flesh colored socks

Flesh colored socks. Source: spm

Flesh-colored socks should be banned from the dressing room to avoid any bad taste. They tend to Thickens the legs and gives them an effect that is far from normal. So it should be avoided if it does not perfectly match your skin tone. So choose transparent or black models that perfectly match your personality.

  • Low rise pants

Low Waist Pants

Low rise pants. Source: spm

Low-waisted pants should be banned from your wardrobe because they can show your flaws and distort your figure at the same time. Moreover and During pregnancy Low rise pants, we can partially see your underwear Obviously, this would be bad taste on your part. Instead, choose a cut that is high up to the navel, which will better shape your buttocks.

  • misuse of publications

Prints can add a touch of originality to the look of your clothes, but that’s no reason to overdo it. eAvoid overlapping prints, For example, wearing a blouse with horizontal stripes and pants with vertical stripes.

You now know the mistakes of taste that should be avoided when it comes to clothing style. Even if you don’t necessarily follow trends, these tips will still allow you to accentuate your personality while avoiding faux fashion.

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