Why not open the refrigerator or microwave when your hands are wet?

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Despite the chaos that often reigns in the kitchen, with the meal prep and the kids running, one important detail should never escape you: you risk a lot of dealing with your electrical appliances, whatever they may be, with water in your hands. Did you know in particular that you should avoid opening the refrigerator or microwave door? Simply because electric current is passing from the device to your hands, which can cause an electric shock. explanations.

Open the refrigerator door

Open the refrigerator door – Source: spm

Never open the refrigerator or microwave again with wet hands!

This everyday situation is very common. All those who are used to doing many things in the kitchen are often in a hurry, but still have the reaction to frequently washing their hands between two tasks. On the other hand, they do not systematically have the right to be surveyed. Especially after washing the dishes. Likewise, when leaving the bathroom, many people don’t think about wiping their hands: they go straight to using electronic devices without realizing that they risk touching these things in this case. Don’t take this warning seriously: water and electricity together can be a real danger.

Take, for example, when the floor of the building is wet and there are electrical cables in the area, you will always find a sign nearby warning of a possible danger of electric shock. It’s exactly the same principle at home: the water on the skin should not come into contact with your household appliances, as this can lead to a risk of electric shock.

Caution or safety. Even if you do not feel any imminent danger, it is best to be vigilant when handling your electrical appliances.

Electric shock warning sign

Electric Shock Warning Sign – Source: spm

What is the expert interpretation?

Upon contact with water, the human body quickly turns into a conductor of electricity. Experts explain that when you plug in a device to an electrical current, your wet skin is more likely to act as an electrical conductor, and then you’re more likely to receive an electrical shock which, in some cases, can cause major problems. One of the worst situations is when you don’t wear shoes and the human body becomes like a closed circuit. These details prevent energy from escaping into another object, causing severe damage.

Also, if you get wet from the rain or haven’t finished washing the dishes or getting out of the shower, remember to dry your hands. We highly recommend it before touching any electrical appliances you have at home.

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