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The trick to improve the Wi-Fi signal so that it reaches all rooms of the house

Wi-Fi is an essential technology these days. Unlike a wired connection, this type of network can cause some inconvenience. It can be really slow and not reach all rooms of the house. In this article, we give you 4 tips to tackle these issues and improve signal range.

As a rule, one box is enough for distributing Wi-Fi inside a small apartment or small office. However, the connection may lack stability in a larger house with several floors and thicker walls. This drop can also come from electromagnetic waves emitted by certain devices or as a result of an equipment defect. However, there are tips to improve Wifi connection.

There are many solutions to surf the Internet safely and without interruptions in your home. These are easy to set up and usually require little cost.

1. Wi-Fi connection speed test

Internet speed meter. Source: spm

Before starting any manipulations, it is advisable to test the Internet speed at home. To do this, go to Ookla’s Speedtest site, one of the most popular, and click GO! This tool provides detailed information about connection data rate in downloads and imports but also about ping latency, which is the response time of the connection. If the results prove poor after evaluating your connection, consider changing the width to take advantage of the fiber for example or try to remedy that with the following tips.

2. Find a strategic place for the Wi-Fi box

The location of the modem. Source: spm

If the network is slow or does not pass through the room, it is possible to change the location of your Internet box. Because it is often placed in the wrong places, it cannot properly broadcast Wi-Fi waves indoors. Then place the modem in a conspicuous place, high and in the center of your house. It is also advisable to keep the device away from some devices that emit waves or identical frequencies (baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, etc.).

3. Install a Wi-Fi Repeater or Router

Wireless router. Source: spm

If your Wi-Fi range remains limited, you will have to invest in a relay. This can be a repeater or a router that must be moved out of the box without losing speed. The principle of operation of this device is simple: it captures the network and then broadcasts it near its installation area. It is possible to obtain such a device from computer retailers.e. Another modern alternative is to create a mesh network in the form of satellites placed at strategic corners of the house. Unlike the repeater that picks up the network, this solution allows you to connect directly to the main router via Ethernet.

4. Use the PLC electrical network to expand the Wifi

PLC equipment. Source: spm

There is another solution that allows you to access the Internet from any room in the house. This can be particularly effective because it routes the Internet connection through the electrical grid. This system, known as the Powerline assembly, consists of two adapters connected to power outlets. The latter will create a link between the modem or the box and the various devices connected in the house. Such as computers, network printers, and TV decoders. The latter will therefore be connected to the PLC via an Ethernet (RJ45) cable. Note that this installation is very simple and does not require any prior configuration. Once the various components are connected, the connection is quickly established with the box.

As you understand, these few solutions make it easy to extend the range of your Wi-Fi connection indoors. If your hardware is old, feel free to replace it to take advantage of the latest and fastest Wi-Fi technology.

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