The surprising reason beer bottles have long necks

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Why do beer bottles have a long neck?

beer bottles

beer bottles – source: spm

When you open a beer bottle, you notice that its neck is long and narrow. Have you ever wondered about this design choice? In fact, this design was completely thought out to make it easier to handle beer.

In fact, the bottle is designed precisely this shape and length so that your hand can hold the beer from the top. By holding it with this long neck, you avoid touching the body of the bottle. Firstly, it is more convenient, but it prevents the drink from heating up more quickly. And experts will tell you that there’s nothing more annoying than a hot beer. Especially in the summer when it is eaten very fresh to quench your thirst.

But by the way, should it be poured into a glass or enjoyed straight from the bottle? Opinions are often very divided on this issue. Glass proponents will tell you that the aromas are more pronounced and that we appreciate the texture of the beer more. As for others, they make sure that the beer in the glass is exposed to sunlight and that the aromas of hops will change very quickly if the brew is outdoors. Not to mention that the glass must be beyond repair in terms of hygiene: if it is dusty, you will immediately get an excess of foam and the taste is immediately less pleasant. Finally, the bottle advocates’ final argument is that the drink stays more fizzy in its packaging.

Two tricks to cool beer quickly

cold beer bottles

Cold beer bottles – Source: spm

Forgot to put your beer can in the fridge and have friends arriving unexpectedly? Don’t panic, there are some clever ways to cool them down quickly. Obviously, in the middle of winter, all you have to do is leave the beer outside for a few minutes so that it cools quietly. But if you live in a fairly warm area, use one of these tricks.

  • The ancient infallible technique

This is one of the oldest and certainly most effective methods. You will need water, ice cubes, and salt. Here’s how to proceed: In a container with 25 cl of water, pour 2 tablespoons of salt. Stir for a few seconds. Put the beer bottle in it and add about 15 ice cubes. After water and salt fuse, a reaction will occur: they will absorb energy and heat. You’ll have a cold drink in less than five minutes.

  • wet paper

Another quick and easy way: Just wet a few pieces of absorbent tissue and wrap it around the can or beer bottle. Then put it in the freezer for ten minutes. You can also cool it directly in the refrigerator, but for this technique to work properly, the wet paper must be soaked in salt.

Do you know ? Thanks to aluminum and its transparency, unlike the bottle, the case is more heat-resistant. As a bonus, it also tends to cool faster. Not to mention it’s more compact, recyclable and lighter to transport. If you want to enjoy a good cold beer, bet on the can!

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