Thanks to this trick, your smartphone will keep charging for a longer time. Lots of people don’t even know that!

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Now discover the trick that allows you to bring to life a smartphone that no longer charges as before!

How do you make your smartphone charge properly?

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If you turn on your phone and it charges little or nothing, it’s usually due to a small lint buildup in the USB socket. Many people tend to leave their phones in their pockets. In fact, this residue prevents proper insertion of the charger cable and, therefore, good electrical contact. So before you take your smartphone to the repairer or change it, remember to clean it!

Don’t worry: cleaning is so simple that it doesn’t require any technical requirements or sophisticated equipment. All you need is a wooden or plastic toothpick. However, do not use metal objects such as needles, as they may damage them.

Although this is not a requirement, it is best to turn off your smartphone before any cleaning. Then insert the toothpick into the female cavity and gently scrape it off. This maneuver will allow you to remove the accumulated residue in a few seconds. To get the most out of your little marigold, you’ll have to repeat the process.

In addition, you can use a small blow of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner, with the appropriate reducer. Thus, you remove the remaining dust. finally, Make sure the connection is made correctly when inserting a male plug. So !

NB: Such cleaning can be carried out regularly as a preventive measure or as soon as the first signs appear. This is valid for all types of smartphone charging sockets (micro-USB, USB-C, etc.), regardless of their brand. Same for tablets, although they rarely fit in a pocket, they can be placed on a quilt, for example.

Also, you can apply this trick to other female sockets including headphone mini jacks. Be careful though: These connectors are very small, and a toothpick may not be suitable for cleaning them. So experiment with a precision tool like a sewing needle for example. This time, you have the reflex to remove the battery if it is removable.

How to clean your smartphone with these simple tricks?

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smart phone. Source: spm

The smartphone is constantly used, hence the importance of regular cleaning! Here’s how you can do it Get rid of bacteria on your cell phone and other residues by performance These methods are effective!

  • First remember to unplug your smartphone from any power source and turn it off.
  • Then remove it from the casing or casing (to be cleaned later).
  • Use a soft, slightly dampened, lint-free cloth (such as an eyeglass cloth).
  • If you find that there are stubborn marks, wet the cloth with a little warm soapy water and gently rub the screen. Avoid overfilling the liquid or spraying it directly to prevent the liquid from entering the device. You can also use one of the solutions specifically designed to clean your smartphone.
  • Finally, while cleaning, Don’t forget the buttons on the side, as they are frequently manipulated.

Cleaning your smartphone: things to avoid

These seemingly harmless actions at first glance can actually damage your phone. Let’s find out!

  • Above all, don’t use cleaning products around the house, such as window cleaner, household cleaners, or solvents, to clean your phone. Also, products containing ammonia or alcohol are also not good for this device. In fact, modern cell phones have a protective layer against oil that can be damaged over time if exposed to this type of product.
  • Forget paper towels and other paper towels: Although it does not look abrasive, its texture may damage the screen.
  • Another mistake: immersing the smartphone in water. Sure, models can withstand splashes. On the other hand, no phone should be completely submerged for cleaning purposes.
  • Never dry your mobile phone with a hair dryer. Phones are not designed to withstand heat.
  • Finally, do not attempt to reconnect your smartphone when it is still wet!

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