Save between 20 and 70 euros per month on your energy bill by applying the 1:1 rule.

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To stay warm, while saving energy, you can adopt some environmental gestures that are practical and easy to integrate into your daily life. Thus, you will be able to use your heating, without the suffering of your bill.

How do you use heating without causing excessive energy consumption?

Warm up when it's cold

Warm up when it’s cold. Source: spm

To reduce your energy bill while still using heatingit is enough to lower the thermostat by 1 degree, confirms the European Commission in an article published in the newspaper BFMTV. This may seem unimportant, but it is nonetheless Save up to 7% energy on your bill. Note that you also do not need to set your boiler thermostat to high to heat your home. In living rooms enough temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. As for the bedrooms, A temperature of 17 ° C is recommended. Besides, the body needs to calm down in order to sleep better. In fact, This cold that we fear so much helps us sleep. By lowering the ambient bedroom temperature, you help your brain lower your body temperature, so you can fall asleep more easily. Also note that overheating in the house is bad for your health. surrounding air dries up, Thus it can lead to headaches, Throat irritation or itchy eyes.


radiator. Source: spm

What are some other tips for saving energy when using the heater?

To avoid having a huge bill at the end of the month, it is recommended Heat rejection Or turn it off completely at night, or when no one is home, provided you have good insulation. You can also think Installation of thermostatic valves On central heating hot water radiators. Thus, you will be able to manually adjust the temperature of each room according to your needs, thus avoiding them Heating the whole house unnecessarily to the same temperature.

Reduce your energy consumption

Reduce its energy consumption. Source: spm

To avoid excessive energy consumption, it is also important For good thermal insulation. Otherwise, you will never achieve the desired thermal comfort, Even if you turn on the heating completely. This will only increase your bill. To check the insulation of your home, check the condition of the walls, if you notice the presence of mold, This means that your home is not well insulated. Other signs do not be fooled, such as the presence of moisture in the house, or drafts in the windows. Air leaks show that the window insulation is poor. You may also find that the surfaces in your home are always cold. However, it is important to avoid heat loss and reduce heating use To improve the insulation of the house. To do this, consider installing thermal curtains on windows and panels. This type of curtain provides better insulation and therefore can Maintain room temperature. You can avoid heat loss through the floor Laying rugs or carpets in the rooms of your house. Finally, for a good distribution of heat in the house, you can put a large aluminum plate behind the radiator. This prevents the circulating heat from escaping through the wall, and this allows distribute heat evenly throughout the room, Avoid wasting.

Thanks to these simple gestures, you will be able to heat your home when temperatures drop, as well as reduce your energy bill.

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