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How to lose weight without regaining it?

Why are harsh diets not good for weight loss?

Doctors and nutritionists strongly advise against extreme diets as they are not only ineffective in losing weight but can also seriously harm your health. The advice of experts is always the same: the best way to lose weight is to combine a healthy diet and physical exercise to get rid of unwanted pounds permanently. Good nutritionists advise eating everything from rice to sweets because they believe that a healthy diet should have it all. That is why they often advise their patients to follow several actions to achieve the goal of all those who want to lose weight: to maintain weight loss over time.

What do you do to lose weight over time?

To lose weight in a sustainable way, there are several solutions. We won’t give them all to you because they are endless in the end, but we chose to focus on those that seem to us most relevant…

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Avoid highly restrictive diets

The first of these weight loss tips is not to resort to restrictive diets. These are temporary measures that cannot be extended over time. Therefore, those who choose a significant reduction in calories should return to a more balanced intake after a few days or weeks, otherwise, in addition to abandoning this process, it can affect their health. The most restrictive diets can only be followed for a few days. The second trick that can be used to achieve the goal is to cut calories, but do so on a dedicated schedule. Nutritionists have long warned that not all calories are created equal: for example, eating a hamburger or any other processed food does not equal consuming the same amount of calories in meat, fish, etc. To maintain a proper diet that leads to long-term weight loss, it is necessary to eat carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, alternating between foods. There is no magic formula for weight loss, consistency is the best way.

Surround yourself with the right people for support

The next recommendation is to seek support. Losing weight is not easy and doing it alone is more complicated. Not everyone has the discipline to diet. The ideal is to surround yourself with a health professional such as a dietician or nutritionist in order to increase your chances of success in losing weight. Please note that only a consultation with a dietician is partly covered by Social Security. There is no support for nutritionists. Consultation with a dietician is reimbursed by mutual health insurance when part of the reimbursement is covered by the health insurance.

Think about food but also about sports

In addition to eating a healthy diet, the most important thing for long-term weight loss is exercise. It’s not about joining a gym or running, it’s about doing a little bit of physical exercise every day, enough to reach a calorie deficit that will help you lose weight little by little, on the way to your goal. Experts recommend moving a little more than usual, and gradually increasing the frequency, intensity, and duration to burn more calories each day. Even doing housework, walking to work or playing with the kids can help you burn calories and move your body gradually to build stamina. Exercise is essential for long-term weight loss

We hope that our article will allow you to see things more clearly. Feel free to complete your research to find the right people, those who will encourage and support you on this long road to losing weight.

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