How do you water a poinsettia? Most people don’t know about it and destroy it before Christmas

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The poinsettia is a tropical plant native to Central America. Nicknamed the Christmas Star, this indoor plant is easy to maintain. Bracts will be able to decorate your home as the end of the year festivities approach, provided you succeed in watering them.

How to properly water the poinsettia?


Poinsettia. Source: spm

Poinsettia is an indoor plant with decorative foliage. Contrary to what we think, It’s not the colorful poinsettia flowers, but bracts. These are central papers which surround the barely visible small flowers, Yellow in colour. To take care of your plant and make it last until Christmas, good maintenance is essential. For this, it is important Control the watering of this ornamental plant.

Poinsettia needs regular and moderate watering. Don’t let your plant’s soil dry out Avoid excessive watering. Wait for the soil to dry out between two waterings. Excess water may cause the poinsettia leaves to shed. Also, avoid holding standing water in a saucer or pot. To enhance drainage, place clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot. Also, when you water your plants, Avoid wetting the foliage, And use water at room temperature.

You can water the poinsettia the classic way or by soaking it. Actually, it’s possible Wetting the substrate gradually Using a small watering can. Then empty the cup To prevent root rot. You can also water your plant. To do this, remember to fill up the sink or bucket with water at room temperature, Then flood the bowl, on the plant collar. Note that in botany, the collar refers to the middle part between the roots and the stem. When bubbles stop forming on the surface of the potting soil, remove the plant from the bucket or tub; And let it drain to avoid stagnation of moisture.

What are some other tips for proper poinsettia care?

poinsettia care

Poinsettia care. Source: spm

Poinsettia loves light. It is better to keep your plant in an open room, Avoid direct sunlight. Also keep the poinsettia away from drafts, preferring a temperature of 15-22°C.

Outside the flowering period, fertilize the plant With liquid fertilizer for flowering plants, once a month.

After flowering, it is advisable to put the poinsettia back into a new, larger pot. for the purpose of to promote its growth. You can use potting soil for houseplants, or make your own by mixing equal parts garden soil, sand, and compost. Since the poinsettia enters a dormant period after flowering, It is advisable to reduce watering; One or two waterings per month is sufficient.

It is also important to take care of the poinsettia To protect it from parasites that attack it. In fact, the Christmas star is attacked by whiteflies that suck its sap and weaken it. To avoid this, remember to sprinkle nettle fertilizer on the foliage. Poinsettia can also be invaded by aphids that distort buds, or red spiders that distort their leaves. To prevent the attacks of these spiders that are not visible to the naked eye, it is recommended Mist poinsettia foliage regularly.

By controlling poinsettia watering, you’ll keep your plant in top condition, make it last a long time, and brightly decorate your home during the holiday season.

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