Here is the trick to reduce your energy bill while heating the house perfectly in winter

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Reducing and cutting energy bills has never seemed so important! The subject of the question is the rise in energy prices, whether electricity or gas. In this case, the amount of bills can rise very quickly to the point of double! Therefore, energy saving becomes essential. Here are some solutions that will allow you to achieve this.

No more expensive gas bills: here's the trick to lower your energy bill while perfectly heating your home in winter

While we are helpless in the face of rising energy prices, it is still worth considering some solutions that will allow us to make some savings. That’s fine, because there are tips to reduce your energy consumption.

The man was surprised by the amount of his energy bill

A man was surprised by the amount of his energy bill – Source: spm

To remedy that, here are a number of actions you can take at home to avoid high bills at the end of each month..

Adjust the temperature of your heating system

If your home has good thermal insulation, the simple fact is Reduce the temperature by one degree Your heating system It can save you up to 7% energy. Furthermore, according to ADEME, hot water and home heating account for 3/4 of homes’ energy consumption. It is therefore advisable to adjust the temperature in the occupied rooms during the day, keeping it between 19 ° C and 21 ° C. For less occupied rooms, you can set it to 17°C as in the night.

Coolant and energy saving

Coolant and energy saving – Source: spm

Lower your bills by flicking the radiator

If you want to control your electricity consumption, be aware that dust can have a serious impact on your energy bills. In fact, Dust-filled coolant quickly becomes energy-intensive when its efficiency drops.

So it is always essential that you remember to clean your electrical appliances regularly in order to keep them efficient so that they consume as little energy as possible. This way, you will notice a clear reduction in the amount of your bills. Also remember to defrost your freezer. This gesture alone can help you achieve significant savings.

Use energy-saving lamps to achieve more savings

advantage Low consumption bulbs allow you to consume less but above all last over time. In addition, the latter has another advantage: it is available at increasingly low prices.

Reduce your bills by unplugging some of your appliances

The price of your bills can go up significantly by leaving Some of your spare devices, which are Your computer, TV, printer, and more.

ADEME estimates that devices in standby mode account for about 10% of a home’s energy bill. In this case, Do not hesitate to Equip with power strips To turn off all your devices with one gesture Thus the savings is far from neglected.

Bleed the coolant to avoid receiving high bills

To reduce your electric bill, you can also disinfect your water cooler at least once a year before using it. Principle It is the discharge of air accumulated in the hot water circulation system.

This way, it will maintain its life while improving its efficiency.. You can do this on your own without having to seek professional help.

As you can see, these actions can now be taken to reduce your monthly energy bill.

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