Bed bugs in the house? The amazing trick to make them disappear from your house

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real challenge it will be from bed bug spot. And for good reason, they tend to hide in mattresses, box springs, armchairs, rugs, or rugs. In the following lines, we suggest that you discover an innovative solution that will allow you to get rid of it.

bed bugs

Bed bugs – Source: spm

The easy trick to get rid of bed bugs from your home and garden.

To test the method for eliminating the bed bugs in question, you are only asked to rely on one main object: uplastic bottle Thanks to him, you can make an excellent trap for bed bugs. The trick is simply to lure unwanted insects into the trap. To fiddle with the latter for baits and capture them, here’s how to proceed:

Fill a 1.5-liter bottle with water, then pour sugar at the rate of 150 g and brewer’s yeast at the rate of 30 g. Then we take a sufficiently large plate, sprinkle some talc on it and put the bottle in the plate in the middle. After some time, the bugs will be attracted to the mixture that will produce carbon dioxide. Once they reach the talcum dish, they won’t be able to get out because the powder will hold them back. And if you want to make it more effective, cover the bottle with a plastic bag to push the scent onto the ground to attract it more.

Alternative ways to eliminate bed bugs

Other methods can help you counter the infestation of bedbugs, provided they are at an early stage.

Isopropyl alcohol : First start pouring Isopropyl 80% in a spray bottle and identify bed bugs with the help of a flashlight.

Detection of parasites

Detection of parasites – Source: spm

It should be checked carefully Surfaces that are prone to cracks because they are where bedbugs dream. For the bed, check the sheets, under the bed frame, and on the mattress. Either way, whether you find them in bed or in the rest of the house, take action.

However, before you treat it with the spray bottle, Arm yourself with your vacuum cleaner By attaching a crevice tool to it, then pass the device over the affected areas you have identified at bed level and in the rest of the house. Once this is done, spray the product on the respective parts and empty the vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag that you will then seal. Finally, you can use isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the room and then proceed to clean it.

Silica gel: These are the little balls in the little bags that are often found in certain packages. If you have it, crush it and spread it over the designated injury areas. However, beware of this tip if you have pets or children as the product is harmful to them in case of direct exposure.

Spill a small bag of silica gel

Spill a small bag of silica gel – Source: spm

Sodium bicarbonate : If bed bugs themselves were exposed directly to baking soda powder, who would absorb body moisture of this insect. So spray the product where there are pests without neglecting the cracks and cracks. Make sure to vacuum and repeat the process daily.

You just have to apply the method that suits you best to say goodbye to bed bugs.

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