Why should you always have salad tongs in the car? It keeps you out of trouble

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In addition to regulatory safety documentation and equipment, we often wonder what is useful in our car for our comfort and safety. Here is a small list that may surprise and help you.

Put salad tongs in your car

And no, salad tongs aren’t just for serving appetizers, which is why you should have one in your glove box. Indeed, who on the highway or at the entrance to the parking lot did not find themselves very far from the building to get their ticket? The classic scenario: you get close to the vending machine but not too close anyway so you don’t risk scratching its chassis, you roll your window and there, when the precious sesame comes out, you extend your arm… It’s too far away! You must then unfasten the seat belt and bend out the window to catch it or even get out of the car completely. It is not only annoying, but also wastes your time and the time of motorists behind you. But above all, it is very dangerous. When you get out of the car on the highway you are in danger, it is very easy to get run over or attacked. However, there is a very simple solution to avoid this unfortunate situation.
This is where the salad tongs come into play: they will act as an extension and allow you to get your ticket without any problem in complete safety no matter the distance.

Take your ticket on the highway

Take your ticket on the highway – Source: spm

Basic unusual things in the car

Sometimes it just takes a few things to make our daily lives easier. Here are some ideas that you may not have thought of but that will be very useful to you.

1-car trash : It seems clear now that we say it and yet very few people have it. However it is a drastic way to avoid wasting everywhere in the car. Especially when you have kids on board…

2-meal tray : Many people eat in their cars, either during long trips, or because your car serves as a restaurant on their lunch break. To better fit them and avoid getting crumbs all over the place, invest in a meal tray to attach to the steering wheel.

garbage in the car

Waste in the car – Source: spm

3-air purifier Cars often have an unpleasant smell that we try to hide by using strong interior perfumes. Install an air purifier instead to connect it to the cigarette lighter. Thanks to the filter, it will not only absorb unpleasant odors, but also eliminate pollution in the car. Healthy and effective.

4-Homemade antifreeze spray : What could be more annoying in winter than freezing windshields or mirrors? From now on, you will no longer need to start your day scratching in the cold, thanks to this spray, you will just have to spray and let it run. To do this, mix 1/3 of rubbing alcohol with 2/3 of water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Re-Call : Do not apply hot water to a frosted windshield as thermal shock may cause cracks.

Let’s not forget the organizational basics of the car

All these little gadgets should not always make us forget to carry with us the obligatory regulatory documents and equipment:

1-Compound papers: Vehicle registration and insurance certificate and technical inspection sticker.

2-driving license

3-safety equipments: Reflective yellow jacket and hazard warning triangle (in case of failure or accident)

Re-Call Failure to comply with these obligations is punishable by a fine.

car safety equipment

Vehicle Safety Equipment – Source: spm

You now have all the tips to properly equip your vehicle and move around calmly and safely. Have a safe road !

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