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WhatsApp: The Trick to Convert Voice Notes to a Text Message Automatically

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. The credit for its success is due to several features that facilitate the user experience.

What trick should be adopted to transcribe audio on WhatsApp?

If you don’t have time to listen to a long message on WhatsApp or you don’t have headphones at hand, you can always transcribe the audio on the app thanks to a smart tool developed by TranscriberZ. We tested it for you and it works!

Copy on WhatsApp. Source: spm

There is a quick and easy way to write a voice message on WhatsApp. Just add the “Alfred The Transcriber” number. This is a computer program that automatically puts words into the voice notes received on WhatsApp. To take advantage of this tool, just add the following number to your contacts: +14156809230. Save it as Alfred if you like, or whatever name you like. Once you receive a voice message, forward it to the new contact. From now on, a message appears in the conversation that says: “Alfred is writing.” Within a few seconds, you will receive your entire message. So you can know the content of any audio without having to open it in the app. Note that the tool works with audios for a maximum of 5 minutes. After two attempts, the gadget may become rechargeable. Then carefully reserve the first two attempts. It can be of great use to you.

Other Tips to Avoid Long WhatsApp Voice

In addition to transcribing audios, there are other tips to facilitate the exchange of audio messages on WhatsApp. The app has already managed to develop certain tools to make it easier to read long sounds on the platform. Here are some examples.

reading speed. Source: spm

This first trick is to adjust the playback speed of the received sounds on WhatsApp. It will allow you to save time by listening to the message in a quick way. Open a conversation on the app and then tap Play to play the audio. All you have to do is press x1 again, then 1.5 or 2x to run faster. By doing this, a one-minute message will turn into a small snippet of no longer than 30 seconds.

To read long WhatsApp voice messages more quickly, it is possible to select the most important clips just by looking at the perception curve. When the gray frequencies are wide, this indicates that the contact is being expressed. Touch the section that interests you and then click the Play button to start reading.

WhatsApp voice. Source: spm

Finally, copying is not a native feature of WhatsApp, so a third-party app can be installed to achieve this. It is possible to download the “Transcriber for WhatsApp” application from the Play Store. It is only available for Android. You can then use the share function to send the voice message to be transcribed. However, you have to allow access to your phone’s storage beforehand. Once shared, the voice message appears as a text that can then be transcribed, shared or translated using Google Translator. Note that this type of application depends on advertisements which can be binding at the time of use.

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