The Talcum Trick: The Best Way to Clean, Shine, and Freshen Your Bathroom

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Nothing is more annoying than seeing traces of dirt on a bathroom mirror or window glass. To tackle this problem, there is a simple and effective trick. Take a look there.

The Unstoppable Trick to Clean and Shine Mirrors and Windows

We’ve all seen it, those ads for products that claim to clean windows and mirrors without leaving stains. In addition to being expensive, they can contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Fortunately, there is a simpler and more effective way. All you have to do is combine a few items (available elsewhere in the house) to get a perfectly clean mirror. You will need talcum powder, a soft cloth or sponge, old newspapers, and white vinegar.

Clean the bathroom mirror

Clean the bathroom mirror. Source: spm

  • Main ingredient: talcum powder for mirror cleaning

This may sound a little strange to you, but yes, White baby powder It is one of the most economical tricks, which will allow you to Clean mirrors and windowsEverything is efficient By getting rid of traces and fragrant your bathroom. To do this, simply sprinkle talcum powder over the entire surface of the mirror or glass. Leave it for some time, until it absorbs the dirt, then shake with a soft cloth. Then we soak the newspaper with white vinegar And wipe everything.

talcum powder

talcum powder Source: spm

Other foolproof tips for cleaning mirrors and windows

Like talcum powder, there are other effective and convenient ways to clean mirrors and windows.

  • Midoun White: To apply this trick, you only need to mix 250 grams of Blanc de Meudon with half a cup of soapy chips (such as Marseille soap) and a cup of hot water. Apply the resulting solution directly to the mirror or glass, otherwise soak a microfiber cloth in it and rub generously in circular motions.

This inexpensive white powder gives you Results Fabulous.

mirror cleaning

Clean the mirror. Source: spm

  • glycerine : For windows and bathroom mirrors, put a few drops of glycerin (3 or 4) and 1 liter of water in a spray bottle. Spray the surface and then wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth. This will help Prevent fog build-up and eliminate all streaks.
  • Corn Starch : In a spray bottle filled with 400ml of lukewarm water, add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, 50ml of 90° alcohol and 50ml of white vinegar. Shake vigorously and spray the surface of the mirror or glass. Rub gently with a microfiber cloth and wipe with a clean towel or newspaper.
Clean the window with a natural solution

Clean the window with a natural solution. Source: spm

  • Potatoes: Cut it in half and rub it on the mirror in circular motions until the surface is covered with a layer of starch. Then spray water on the mirror or glass and wipe the surface with a clean towel.

No need to purchase special products to clean mirrors or windows. It is enough to put talcum powder on it or one of the above-mentioned tricks in order to remove the dirt quickly.

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