Pour a spoonful of this natural product into the washing machine to say goodbye to wrinkled sheets

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Crinkled bedding is not pleasant to the touch and ironing can be a somewhat daunting task. Here is a tip that will help you For sheets with as few folds as possible. The key is to simply use only one ingredient.

Iron crumpled paper

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Put a scoop of this common ingredient in the washing machine and prevent the leaves from curling

What if we told you that a simple spoon in the washing machine could make all the difference when it came to preventing wrinkles in bed? For this, you can count on a specific product that will soften the paper fibers: White vinegar. This is also why it stands out as the best natural alternative to fabric softener.

While white vinegar is unanimously recognized cBeing a great household product, Many of us are still unaware of its effectiveness on fabric. It turned out to be a valuable ally for washing and maintaining linens in good condition, as well as sheets and clothes. Thanks to it, your textiles or any other fabric can restore their color and vitality. In addition, vinegar is safe for the skin and therefore ideal for those whose skin is prone to chemicals.

Pour white vinegar into the washing machine drawer

Pour white vinegar into the washing machine drawer – Source: spm

To enjoy a smooth sheet thanks to white vinegar, use it as an alternative to fabric softener. To do this, simply pour the product into the compartment designated for fabric softener and that’s it. If more white vinegar is preferred, it is because although fabric softener is effective, the latter sometimes ends up making the fabric gradually lose its fine texture. But that’s not all, as the softeners on the market are likely to generate sensitivity and itching of the skin.

Additionally, if the scent of softener is irresistible when white vinegar is best preferred instead, you can use the two alternately. The best thing is to stay in white vinegar and dAdd a few drops of the essential oil of your choice Such as lavender, lemon and eucalyptus.

In any case, by replacing the fabric softener with white vinegar, you will iron the bed linen more easily and will eliminate the next ironing process.

In addition to softening sheets, white vinegar can maintain your washing machine

It must be specified or remembered that white vinegar does not cease to be admired.

washing machine

Washing machine – Source: spm

On the one hand, you can use it to bleach white linen like baking soda. On the other hand, they are simply effective in extending the life of your washing machine. With that in mind, whatever you’ll do It is an empty washing with water and white vinegar once or twice a month The machine will be like new.

It is also for this reason that it is often used as the main ingredient for deep cleaning of a washing machine. So it is ideal for removing dirt in machine rubber seals. We should also add that it deals well with mold that can stick to certain areas of the machine and alter the cleanliness of the laundry.

Whether it’s enjoying wrinkle-free sheets, maintaining a washing machine or bleaching laundry, white vinegar seems to be one of the best natural allies we can rely on.

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