Lose 62.5 kg without a restricted diet or exercise. How did you achieve this transformation?

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In fact, usually and to lose weight, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But this young woman managed to lose weight without changing her diet or doing any exercise.

What is the storyAlexandra, this young woman who managed to lose weight without dieting and without exercise?

Alexandra Studzinska

Alexandra Studzynska. Source: spm

This young Polish woman has achieved a major achievement by losing 62.5 kg without dieting and without exercise. Alexandra Studzynska, 32, has lost a lot of weight without dieting. Because of insulting remarks about her weight, the young Polish girl decided to put an end to this situation by making a decision that changed her life. In fact, Alexandra measured 1.52 cm to approximately 114 kg. Because of her weight, the young woman tended to avoid the eyes of others. She admitted on a local Polish show that she did not diet or do any sports, because it was too painful given her physique. So to extend her life expectancy, Alexandra decided to take matters into her own hands in order to lose as much weight as possible. After seeing a picture of a friend who lost a lot of weight, I realized she could do the same too.

How did Alexandra Studzynska lose so much weight without exercising and without dieting?

Alexandra Studzynska-1

Alexandra Studzynska. Source: spm

This 32-year-old Polish girl’s transformation is amazing. I went from almost 114kg to 52kg, which has resulted in weight loss! My body transformation you owe A new way of life. Aleksandra Studzińska took part in a program in Poland (the country she belongs to) called “PZO”, which allowed her to see things differently, particularly by re-learning how to eat healthy. So, she decided to start her days with reality balanced breakfast Instead of coffee that you can swallow all day. Not to mention not eating any daily meals. During dinner, she made up for by eating everything she wasn’t able to swallow during the day, allowing herself at the same time to snack on a few cakes. So his diet consisted mainly of fast food and sweets. With this program, I was able to start from scratch by eating a healthier, more balanced way. So I was able to lose 62 kg without making many sacrifices. It has now been two years since she has maintained her weight at 52kg without regaining the pounds she has lost.

Is it possible to lose weight without exercising?

woman exercising at home

Woman exercising at home. Source: spm

Losing weight without exercise is possible, although it is not recommended in the long term. In fact, To maintain your healthy weightRegular exercise is recommended. In fact, a simple activity like walking may be enough to stimulate weight loss or maintain your healthy weight. Do regular exercise It also helps maintain good health while extending life expectancy. It is therefore recommended to engage in daily physical activity for 30 minutes to avoid any health concerns. You can for example, Stairs instead of the elevatorTake part of your “working home” trip on foot or take the weekend to discover new places on foot.

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