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How to remove urine stains from the mattress? The trick is to remove them easily with natural products

Persistent urine stains are often difficult to remove from a mattress. With timely interaction and the use of appropriate cleaning products, it is easier to remove rings that form on the surface. Then certain methods are preferred. It removes both new and old stains but also prevents their recurrence.

What are the tips to follow to remove urine stains from the mattress?

There are many old-fashioned tricks to cleaning a urine-stained mattress. The secret lies in the reaction when the stain is still wet in order to prevent liquid from spreading on the mattress and unpleasant odors from settling deep down.

In order to eliminate traces of urine on the mattress, nothing like baking soda. This ingredient will work by absorbing urine that is still wet and getting rid of stubborn stains. So, Sprinkle a sufficient amount of this powder on the urine stain. Leave it to act for a few hours. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove product residue. If the stain persists, you can spread a paste of baking soda on the stain by mixing the white powder with a little water. Scrub the affected area, then vacuum and dry it with a dry cloth. To remove the odor, complete the cleaning by spraying white vinegar on the soiled area. Then let the mattress ventilate.

Vacuum Cleaner on a Mattress – Source: spm

Another trick to get rid of urine traces on the mattress is to use hydrogen peroxide. To ensure effectiveness, the stain should be cleaned first with clear water before passing a cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing it well. Then immediately run a sponge soaked in hot water to rinse the surface and then a dry cloth to absorb the water. It is recommended to dry immediately to avoid discoloration of the fabric. For this purpose, use a hair dryer or iron taking care to protect the surface of the mattress.

Marseille soap – Source: spm

Black soap has been proven to remove tough stains. On a mattress stained with urine, they can be very helpful in cleaning and disinfecting the mattress. So, Dilute in a bowl of 500 ml of black soap or Marseille soap in 200 ml of lukewarm water. Using a washcloth moistened with this mixture, thoroughly rub the areola formed by the urine. Repeat the process with a damp cloth to remove soap residue, then allow to air dry. It is best to start this process when you wake up to give the mattress time to dry throughout the day.

As a last resort, an ammonia-based solution may be considered. However, all necessary precautions must be taken before using such a cleaner. Like bleach, this product is corrosive and should be handled with gloves and in a well-ventilated room or outdoors. To apply this technique, it is recommended to observe the following dosage:

Dampen a sponge with this mixture of products and then scrub the stained surface. Then run a clean washcloth soaked in cold water to rinse it and let it dry on the balcony or in a well-ventilated room.

How to protect your mattress from the effects of urine?

fitted sheet on mattress – source: spm

In order to prevent urine stains on the mattress, the use of protective linen is required. This prevents the formation of mold and microbes caused by moisture and perspiration. So, Prefer protection in the form of covers, mattress protectors, and mattress pads that can cover the entire mattress depending on its dimensions.

Note that some items can add a decorative touch to your bedroom. This is the case, for example, in the box-spring covers that protect the bedding and give it a presentable appearance.

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