How to easily save 1378 euros per year. You can do this every day without even realizing it

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Money management is not everyone’s forte. Some people find it difficult to save money. Here’s a tip that makes saving money easy every month.

What’s the trick to saving money at the end of the month?

Save money

Save money. Source: spm

Saving money may seem like a difficult task, Especially for wasters. But by choosing the right method, you will be able to save money easily. For this, it is recommended Pick a day of the week when you don’t spend money. During this day, you can choose to have your coffee at home, rather than having it outside. You can, too Bring your lunch to the office, Instead of eating it outside. This money you put aside may seem a little to you, but it will let the days pass To create significant savings that prevents you from needing at the end of the month and will also allow you to save money during the year. The goal is to reduce unnecessary expenses, or those that we can do without. Besides, the best way to save money is to save money in the short term. This is more encouraging and yields better results over time.

It is best to maintain these good habits throughout the month. Replace the snack from the vending machine with a homemade snack And keep this habit of preparing your lunch box And your own coffee. Also, remember to limit your car trips and opt for more and more car sharing.

trick: To reduce your expenses, keep in mind To prepare your shopping list in advance, before going to the supermarket. If you stick tightly to your menu, you’ll avoid impulsive buying and reduce expenses.

Save money

Save money. Source: spm

What are some other tips to save money?

To save money, you can adopt the 50/20/30 rule. This rule Divide your money into 3 categories: 50% of your money It will be allocated for the necessary expenses Like food and rent, 30% will be reserved for personal expenses, such as dining out or shopping, and 20% for savings. You can also adopt the classic method which consists of To distribute your salary in envelopes. Each envelope will be reserved for specific expenses such as rent, transportation or food. Thus, you will be sure that you have the money to pay your bills and make the necessary purchases, as well as better control your budget. By paying everything in cash, You will have a clearer idea of ​​your monthly expenses, In order to detect unnecessary expenses that you can easily do without, to save money.

If you like a challenge, you can try the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge. This challenge is simple. It consists in putting a sum of money aside every week, By week number. For example, during the first week you will deposit 1 euro, during the second week you will save 2 euros, and so on until you reach week 52, during which you will save 52 euros. Thus, you will be able to To save 1378 euros in one year.

Thanks to these simple gestures, you will be able to make significant savings, in order to finish at the end of the month.

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