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Here’s why you should avoid brushing your teeth right after meals

In addition to tooth decay, which is still the most common pest in the world, brushing your teeth prevents many other oral diseases. Such as dental erosion that leads to the deterioration of the enamel and dentin. It can affect all age groups and its consequences are often very painful. However, it can be avoided by stopping making certain mistakes.

Brushing your teeth: Beware of acidic foods

Putting toothpaste in your toothbrush – Source: spm

Brushing teeth after meals is an essential step for many people. Certainly, this is actually the best way to prevent all kinds of oral infections. However, what many people don’t know is that some acidic foods soften tooth enamel, making them more vulnerable. Therefore, experts highly recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

In fact, toothbrushes and tiny toothpaste particles can quickly scratch that enamel softened by the acidity of food. At first, your dentist will only notice small scratches and holes in the enamel, but you will notice them over time as well. And when the enamel breakdown eventually gets worse, your teeth will become more sensitive to pain.

good to know Enamel is this outer layer filled with minerals that protects your teeth and especially dentin, and through which the dentinal tubes that crisscross with fine nerve fibers pass. If weakened, hot or cold can cause sharp tooth pain.

Acid attacks tooth enamel

Toothbrush under the tap – Source: spm

When you consume some acidic products, tooth enamel can demineralise. So it will take some time before you can properly protect your teeth again. In general, this happens faster with solid foods than with acidic drinks because chewing stimulates saliva flow. Fortunately, the latter contains enough minerals (calcium, fluorine and phosphates) to neutralize the strong acidity and remineralize tooth enamel.

However, to prevent the enamel from weakening over time and to save you a few visits to the dentist, it would be wise to adopt the correct reflexes to prevent the effects of acid wear. And to keep your tooth enamel strong and solid, start by not brushing your teeth right after a meal!

Did you just eat those foods? Wait a bit before brushing your teeth!

brushing your teeth – source: spm

If you have eaten any of these foods or drank any of these drinks, we advise you to wait at least half an hour before heading to the bathroom!

If you want to drink orange juice for breakfast or a good fruit plate, the problem should not arise, because you brush your teeth when you wake up before you sit down at the table.

little tip To save some time and eliminate some acidity in your mouth, we advise you to drink a large glass of water immediately after eating these foods and drinks. Otherwise, wait at least half an hour, preferably a little more, so that your body has time to regain its balance.

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