computer buggy? Here’s how to open it easily with the push of a button

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A computer is an important daily accessory, especially if it is used as a work tool. Therefore, this essential device should remain functional throughout the day. But it may freeze and you won’t be able to use it afterwards.

How to unlock a laptop with a simple trick?

a laptop

a laptop. Source: spm

A laptop is an accessory and a device that can be very useful in particular If you are Are they a fan of remote work or that? your children should follow ddistance learning courses. Other than that, you can also use it to play games, watch movies and series, or listen to music. But over time, your device may become slower and slower and automatically crash for no reason. To save some money and avoid unnecessarily calling a technician, discover this tip that will allow you to quickly address this issue until your device is functional again.

  • Use this trick to unlock your laptop

Using a laptop

using a laptop. Source: spm

If you need your laptop and it crashes for no particular reason, you can use this simple method to get it working properly again. You won’t need to turn it off ore lit, risk losing your personal data or recent documents that you have created. To do this, simply press the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” keys at the same time to open your computer. By pressing these keys, your computer will automatically display a dialog allowing you to choose between different options. You can choose the “Disconnect” option, among other things, to restart your device and reconnect again by entering your username and password. Your device will then work as normal.

Learn more tricks to unlock your laptop

frozen laptop screen

Frozen laptop screen. Source: spm

If your computer is frozen and you want to restart it quickly, follow these few tips.

  • Safely restart your computer and get ready

If your computer hangs on startup and you don’t have a solution to restart it, you can follow this method. Press “F8” key several times after restarting your computer and you will see the screen appear List of different options In particular offer “Safe Mode”. Select this option and verify that it is correct. Once your laptop restarts, go to your device settings and go to System Restore or in the Start menu search bar type System Restore. Follow the steps that will appear on your screen. This option will allow you to Choose an earlier date to me that your computer is working properly.

  • Close all programs you use on your laptop

If your laptop freezes, you can close all windows on your computer and all programs you use. To close all these windows at once, Press the keys alternative And the F4. If your device is working again, it is possible that one of the programs you are using is the reason for your laptop freezing. You can then reuse your device as normal.

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