Can you spot the second tiger in this optical illusion?

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This IQ test is awesome. This is the perfect exercise to assess your ability to observe and your wit. Very few people managed to spot the second tiger in the photo. And for good reason, to the naked eye, one throne proudly in this verdant landscape. It is clear that appearances are often deceiving, since they really are a visual mystery. Things are not what they seem!

Can you find the second tiger in the picture?

hidden tiger

Optical Illusion – Source: spm

Visual tricks and IQ tests are actually a great “brain training” that everyone should do as much as possible as proof that this new visual challenge went viral in no time. This simple image, representing a majestic tiger, was imitated by many. why ? Because it hides Trombe Lowell who escapes from the majority of people. It is almost impossible to detect in less than 7 seconds!

Only 1% of those tested managed to solve the puzzle. What is it exactly? From another tiger hidden in the picture which of course is not visible at first sight. But when you look good, you end up finding something interesting.

We must realize that this type of optical illusion is perfectly modified to challenge our minds and glorify our souls. Beyond its complexity, this puzzle has many advantages, as it helps us better coordinate our thoughts with our senses. So yeah, we give you, it’s far from simple. It is clear that there is only one tiger in this picture. But by freeing your mind, unleashing your imagination and awakening your senses, you can find the solution.

So you have 7 seconds, not one more, to try to understand where the second tiger might be hiding. If you are short on time, we can offer you a little help…

Evidence and solutions

If you’ve already found the second “Tiger”, congratulations! We tip our hat to you, you have superb visual acuity and rare intelligence.

If you haven’t done so yet, here are some tips to help you:

First guide: The second tiger is very close to the first.
Second guide: The test was not designed by French, but by English speakers.

And remember that optical illusion is specifically designed to trick you, it always has more than one trick up its sleeve. Keep your eyes open to try and thwart his tricks.


Optical Illusion – Source: spm

Visual challenge solving

Always nothing? Well, in that case, it’s time to give you the solution.

Have you been looking for this famous tiger in the foliage? You will never find the right answer. Have you been watching a silhouette of cats? Who said it’s actually an animal’s physical appearance? Because, in fact, the second tiger in question is located on the fur of the original tiger that you see in the photo. Look at it carefully again: do you not see that there is an inscription on the body of the tiger? Admittedly, it’s easy to confuse the words with the animal’s natural pattern, but it’s very clear that it says “hidden tiger” when you look closely. Somewhat genius, isn’t it?

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