Can spiders fly? Many people’s nightmare may come true

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If the appearance of spiders makes you cold sweats, the following lines are sure to reassure you or not!

Can spiders really fly?

It can arise from anywhere and at any time without notice. In fact, spiders love to weave their webs in different corners of the house. This allows them to be protected from wind as well as bad weather. Anything but good news for people with arachnophobia. A ghost can provoke them, Various feelings and reactions between fear, stomach pain, panic attacks, even vomiting, and even fainting. Far from this simple apocalyptic vision, what arachnophobia fears most are spiders that manage to fly. But how can this wingless insect succeed in this? And on top of all this, is this even possible?

spider in the house

Spider in the house. Source: spm

Some types of spiders can fly

This should not reassure spiders, but there are some spiders that can fly. However, to qualify all this, it should be noted that these spiders do not have wings and the method that allows them to perform this practice cannot be clearly explained. In fact, These spiders perform what might be called a “balloon”, in other words a “hot air balloon flight.”This allows them to travel long distances suspended in the air.

This was highlighted by the tests conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Bristol, as reported by our colleagues from In fact, by conducting a study on spiders belonging to the family Linyphiidae, these researchers were able to observe that the latter were able to fly away quickly when exposed to electricity and more specifically in controlled electric fields. On the contrary, they recede as soon as this electricity is gone. Finally, according to these same researchers, these spiders were able to “fly” using both wind energy and static electricity. according to future sciencesthese spiders will respond to the presence of an electric field.

How to scare spiders out of your house?

If you, like arachnophobes, fear spiders appearing or worse, spreading inside you, you can think of several ways to keep them away naturally without resorting to chemical insecticides.

  • Keep spiders away with white vinegar

A versatile ingredient, white vinegar and thanks to the strong smell it emits, will repel spiders. just enough To spray it with a spray bottle on the places Where spiders most often find refuge, such as window bars and door frames.

A woman trying to catch a spider

A woman trying to catch a spider. Source: spm

  • Repel spiders with lavender

Other smells and smells that spiders dislike include lavender. enough in this case, A small bouquet or a few drops of the essential oil of this plant Which you deposit or scatter where spiders used to live. Faced with this smell, they immediately turn away.

  • Keep spiders away from citrus peels

The smell of citrus, more precisely the smell of lemon, helps to get rid of spiders. IST you Enough Simply put a few peels on this citrus fruitIn room corners, window sills, or any other place likely to welcome these spiders.

Arachnophobic friends, do not panic, because only a certain type of spider can “fly”. In the meantime, you can always count on the above tips to limit their appearance in your home.

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