Why should you put a sponge in the refrigerator? The trick that saves you a big problem

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Discover this trick that will allow you to keep food fresh so it lasts longer. You are used to using this object for other daily uses but by following these tips, you can use it in the refrigerator to overcome many inconveniences.

Use a sponge in the fridge


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You tend to use a sponge to wash dishes and clean certain surfaces in your home. but do Could you use it for other uses. this is Environmental advice and The economy will change your everyday life.

  • To absorb refrigerator moisture


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The refrigerator can store moisture from certain foods and temperature changes. The humidity level of your appliance should be above 50% to prevent food from drying out. However, this humidity should not be higher so as not to increase the appearance of mold. The refrigerator is ideal for storing all kinds of fresh foods, but if there is a lot of moisture, it will not keep well. To avoid this, you can maintain a good level of humidity with a sponge.

All you have to do is put a foam sponge on the bottom of the refrigerator to absorb all the moisture in the refrigerator. Check it regularly so it isn’t too wet and replace it with a dry sponge as soon as it gets too wet. By getting rid of moisture from your refrigerator, you will also save energy and therefore in your electric bill. Especially since your food stored in the fridge will last longer in absence Humidity. Also note that it is important that the sponge placed in the refrigerator is clean and free of any dirt or bacteria. To do this, put it in the microwave for a minute to disinfect it. You can also use a new sponge for this.

  • To remove unpleasant odors from the refrigerator

Unpleasant odors can build up in the refrigerator from some foods. This is why it is important to keep your food well in storage boxes and store it properly in your refrigerator. Especially if you’re storing cheese or foods with lingering odors. To get rid of these unpleasant odors, you can maintain your device regularly and clean it thoroughly with white vinegar or other cleaning products. But you can also use a sponge to get rid of these smells. Take a clean, dry sponge and soak it in white vinegar or sprinkle it bicarbonate of soda. Then put it at the bottom of the fridge and you won’t smell bad smells anymore when you open the fridge.

How to properly store food in the refrigerator?

To avoid any inconvenience with your refrigerator, pay attention to the storage of your food. Do not put hot food in your refrigerator as this can cause condensation and increase the moisture level in your appliance.

  • Store your food properly in cool boxes

food storage boxes

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You can keep cooked food in the refrigerator for two or three days. You should put them in airtight, clean, and airtight boxes on the middle shelves of the refrigerator.

  • Store your food properly in the refrigerator

To keep your food well in the refrigerator, put the vegetables in the boxes designated for this purpose. Lower drawers are more humid and ideal for fruits and vegetables. If you cook in batches and pre-cut vegetables, put them in freezer bags.

To make sure that your refrigerator is always just as efficient and that it keeps your food well, it’s important to maintain it properly and clean it regularly.

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