Where should an orchid be placed in order to bloom? The smart trick to avoid killing the plant

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To make your orchid flower long lasting and encourage its flowering, it is important to find the perfect location for it, which will allow it to feel in its natural environment. The location of the orchid may change, depending on the season. We tell you everything in this article.

Where should an orchid be placed to encourage its flowering?

To install the orchid in the right place, two parameters must be observed: light and moisture.

Orchid flower

Orchid flower. Source: spm

  • Choose a bright spot for the orchid

Orchid is a flowering plant that loves light. This says, Avoid placing your plant in a dark place. This will prevent your orchids from blooming. Also avoid keeping your plant In a place exposed to drafts, Like the perimeter of the front door. These vents can cool your orchid, which by the way It does not withstand temperature shocks. Even rooms with regular ventilation should be avoided. The orchid appreciates warm places and values ​​a temperature of between 20°C and 30°C in the morning, and between 18°C ​​and 25°C at night. This flowering plant certainly appreciates light, but it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, Which may lead to burning of its leaves. You can place the orchid in a room with white walls that allow light to be reflected. When you install your pot, make sure that Flowers do not touch the glass nor the wall. The flowers should not be in contact with the leaves of other plants. This is how you make your plant bloom longer. Also avoid turning the pot, in order to keep the flowers in the same direction that allows them to receive light.

Orchid flower near the window

Orchid flower near the window. Source: spm

In the summer, it is recommended that you put your orchid Behind a window facing east or west. If your house faces south, It is recommended to block windows To prevent the sun from burning the leaves of your plant.

In the winter, it is unclear to find the right location for your orchid, due to the lack of light. This is why it is recommended to install your own factory near a south-facing window, Without putting on a veil, because in winter, your orchid is unlikely to be attacked by the sun’s rays.

  • Choose a humid place for the orchid

In addition to light, humidity is also a factor to consider when establishing your plant. In fact, Orchids are tropical plants that love moisture. However, your plants will do best in a brightly lit bathroom or in a brightly lit kitchen. These are the two most humid rooms in the house. Besides, orchid will help you at the same time To reduce the humidity in these rooms, To avoid mold. In winter, avoid keeping your orchid near a fireplace or fireplace which can dry the surrounding air. To increase the humidity level, you can place your orchid pot on top of a plate with moist clay balls, or simply the water that evaporates from the plate and improves the humidity level, the humidity, ensuring more comfort for your plant. Note that it is not recommended to soak the orchid in water, Because it can cause its roots to rot.

By choosing the right location for your orchid, you will make your plant last a long time and stimulate colorful and abundant blooms.

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