This simple change of settings will save your smartphone battery

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Everyone is trying to identify and reduce energy consumption sources to conserve their smartphone battery. However, there is a very minor modification that is made to improve its autonomy.

What setting do we need to activate on our smartphones to save battery life?

This setting relates to a parameter that we all know and that many of you have already used. In fact, it is a popular “dark mode” feature, which has become very popular in recent years. But in order for this option to save battery, your phone must have a certain screen type. Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Dark mode can save battery power if your phone has an OLED screen

Whether or not dark mode can save battery depends on the type of screen your device has. Unlike LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), dark mode can affect battery life in phones with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology.

dark mode

dark mode. Source: spm

  • Phone battery: LCD screen or OLED screen

OLED screens emit light for each pixel individually, which means that black pixels do not consume energy. The OLED display is not under the backlight thus allowing for extended battery life while consuming less power. On the other hand, LCD screens continue to turn on the backlight, meaning that the amount of power consumed is the same, even if the screen is completely black.

Does dark mode really save smartphone battery life?

According to a Purdue University study, researchers found that Put your phone in dark mode Only a slight impact on battery life (on average 3% to 9% saving If the level Brightness is set between 30% to 50%). In this case, to take full advantage of the dark mode and save a significant amount of battery power, one has to set the phone’s brightness to 100% and switch from the light mode to the dark mode. Therefore, this feature will extend battery life by 39% to 47% on average.

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How do you activate dark mode on your smartphone to increase battery life?

Dark Mode on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touches:

  • go inside Settingsthen select Display and brightness.
  • Click on dark To activate the dark mode on your mobile phone.

Dark mode on Android devices:

  • access to Settingsand then Monitor.
  • Select option dark appearance by clicking on it.
Light mode and dark mode

Light mode and dark mode. Source: spm

Knowing that the dark mode option saves 9% battery with the brightness set to 50% may seem a bit too low to some, but it can get interesting when the brightness is at 100%.

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