The 4 clear signs that our dog really loves us

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Eye contact with your dog tells us a lot about your relationship

Dog looking at his master

Dog looking at his master. Source: spm

If you don’t like someone, do you dare look deep into their eyes? In fact, Constant eye contact allows us to show all the love we hold to our children, our parents, our partner as well as all of us Relatives. In addition, it also reflects the trust placed in all these people. guess what ? The same goes for dogs.

So when your dog stares at you affectionately, it means that he trusts you. Beautiful proof of love, don’t you think?

Your dog is attached to you because he sleeps in your room

If your dog loves to sleep in your room, it also means that he loves you very much. In fact, This proves He’s totally loyal and he’s not ready to leave you. Finally, if you won’t let him sleep near you, consider investing in a dog bed. It can only make him happy!

Your dog is happy when you come home

The dog is happy to find his masters

The dog is happy to find his masters. Source: spm

your dog does he jump in the neckDoes he lick your hands and face when you come home at night ? Know then that he clearly loves you and is so glad to see you again.

If he is watching you or watching you from the corner of his eye

Sure, if you have a so-called “independent” dog that doesn’t constantly “stick” to you, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. If your dog Watching you from another room, while walking or in a new room environmentHe just wants to make sure you’re not ready to let him go. Lovely proof of love, once again!

If he is still trying to make physical contact with you

For dogs, prolonged physical contact always chimes in with affection and love. Of course, you shouldn’t pick up and hug your dog tightly either. On the contrary, our four-legged friends love soft hugs. This testifies to beautiful love storyAnd the Between you and your dog.

If he wants you to play with him

A dog who brings his master his favorite thing, It reflects not only the desire to play, but Also proof of love! In fact, your little friend loves you so much that he wants to share this fun time with you.

If he wags his tail when he sees you

Can your dog He expresses his love and joy to be by your side by wagging his tail ! However, note that when the dog wags its tail, it means that it is simply excited, nothing more. It is up to you to interpret these inductions according to their contexts. Finally, the dog can also wag its tail in fear, except that it remains stiff in this case.

If he does not hesitate to console you,

It is said that dogs have 6The tenth the meaning. It’s not completely wrong! DrBy his instinct, a dog knows very well when his owner is in bad shape. Thus, he will come and settle near you, to rejoice in you.

If your dog adopts all of these behaviors, there is no doubt that he really loves you!

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