Should the heating be turned off or off at night? Here is the most economical solution

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Does your heating bill go up in the winter? If so, you may be wondering if turning off the heating will save you money. Let’s take a closer look.

Should the heating be turned off or off at night? Here is the most useful option

While some people leave the heating on overnight, others think turning it off would be the best solution to try to reduce their energy consumption, especially with Abusive bills Received in the winter. So what is the most beneficial option? Answer: It depends on some factors related to where you live.

heating bill

heating bill. Source: spm

  • Is it possible to turn off the heating when living in a dwelling with heat insulation?

housing Well insulated with high thermal inertia It accumulates and retains heat and prevents the cold outside from penetrating. However, it will be quite possible to turn off the heating at night, because you do not risk that you will end up with excessive energy consumption when you turn it back on in the morning. You can also lower the temperature a few degrees, so Save on your bill can reach 10 to 15%.

  • Is it possible to turn off the heating in case of erosion of the insulation?

If you live in a old dwellings including L’Isolation is not enough and with a Low thermal inertiaTurning off the heating is out of the question. Otherwise, the rooms will become very cold due to heat loss. In addition, heating consumes more energy than usual to heat your home and you will end up with very high bills. In this case, just set it to a low temperature. This will allow youSave 7% to 8% on your billwhich could be a significant amount at the end of the year.

Turn off the heating

Turn off the heating. Source: spm

  • Can we turn off the heating when we have a kettle?

must know that Boilers (oil or gas) More effort must be made to reach the set temperature. This means that they consume More power when starting Thus, turning them off at night to turn them back on in the morning does not save money, quite the opposite. If you have a boiler at home, just turn the temperature down a few degrees before you go to bed.

Lowering the heating temperature at night: the possible solution

for Lower your energy billthe best solution is Adjust the thermostat manually at low temperature. You can also use a file Programmable thermostat Equipped with intermittent programming system which you can set to switch to the temperatures you want at a specific time of the day. You can schedule it to start heating your home before you get up and get home from work. The same will happen during the night, as the heating automatically lowers her temperature a few degrees from the time you go to sleep.

Adjust the heating temperature

Adjust the heating temperature. Source: spm

In short, it will be possible to turn off the heating at night only if you live in a well-insulated dwelling, otherwise it is better to manually lower the temperature a few degrees or choose a programmable thermostat to do it automatically.

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