Put clothespins in the fridge: you will get rid of this problem for good

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Oftentimes, some problems lead us to think about things differently. This is what happens when you use an object for a different purpose than it was intended. This is the case of clothespins that can help you solve a problem you frequently encounter.

Wooden Clothes Pegs

Wooden Clothespins – Source: spm

Find out why putting clothespins in the fridge can help you save time.

In order for the refrigerator to continue to function well, you need to consider maintaining its shelf life and this requires regular maintenance. But what we sometimes forget to take into account is the standards of organization and planning. This detail It saves you from wasting time searching for dishes and foods. But what is the role of clothespins in this case?

However, the reason is simple. Many of us find ourselves in situations where we lie prostrate in front of the refrigerator, not knowing what items to put in it and how to arrange them. since then, simple clothespins, It can help you sort everything out. A neat refrigerator also avoids any risk of food forgetting by putting every food in its place. And yes, it seems unlikely but this situation happens more often than you think!

To avoid getting there, take one or two clothespins that you will attach to the net to prevent the bottles from rolling. The principle, as you understand, is that they can stay where they are. This way, you can store them optimally without having to put them back in place every time. It will also provide enough space to store other items In the refrigerator.

Bottles in the fridge

Bottles in the fridge – Source: spm

Also note that with these clips, you can hang the salad bags under the grid. Another simple gesture that will free up more space inside your device.

Some other amazing uses for clothespins

Clothes pegs can be useful in many other situations.

Use clothespins to drive the nail

A man uses a wooden clothespin to drive a nail

A man uses a wooden clothespin to drive a nail – Source: spm

If you are new to DIY or not very comfortable with hammering, it is simple Tying clothes can save you a potential home accident. To do this, attach the nail to the end of the clothespin and start hammering while holding the other end of the tongs. You won’t risk that way.

Clothespins can help you organize your headphone cables

Tangled headphone cables are often annoying, especially when you end up ripping them, in most cases. This should not happen anymore with this technique consisting of To stick two clothespins side by side, one right up and one upside down. It is then enough to wrap the headphone cable around the parts that are pressed to open the clothespins and install the headphones, as well as the jack plug, in the parts that act as clamps.

These tips remind us that many everyday objects are likely to reveal other unexpected uses, and that we all stand to benefit from discovering them!

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